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Idris Lahore

Idris Lahore is one of Europe’s leading specialists in energetic, psychocorporal, and systemic techniques. He is the first to introduce the ancestral Chinese practice of Reiki Tao Te Qi to a Western public and has received wide acclaim for the depth of his approach to Reiki and the spiritual dimension of his work. Lahore is the founder of the Free University of Samadeva in Alsace, France, and the French Institute of Family and Systemic Constellations. He is the coauthor of Dervish Yoga for Health and Longevity, and he lives in France.

By Idris Lahore

The Three Secrets of Reiki Tao Te Qi
The Three Secrets of Reiki Tao Te Qi

The Original Teachings of Master Huang Zhen Hui

By (author)  Idris Lahore

ISBN-13: 978-1-59477-362-4
ISBN: 1-59477-362-9

Quality Paperback — 12/13/11

Page Count: 224; 8.00 (width) x 10.00 (height)

151 b&w photographs

Imprint: Healing Arts Press

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