William F. Mann

William F. Mann, whose late great-uncle was a Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Canada, is the author of The Knights Templar in the New World. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.

Books By William F. Mann

  1. The Knights Templar in the New World

    The Knights Templar in the New World

    By William F. Mann

    Nearly 100 years before Columbus arrived in the New World, Scottish prince Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney, sailed to what is now Nova Scotia, where his presence was recorded by Micmac Indians. With evidence from archaeological sites and legends handed down by the Templar order to the Freemasons, author William F. Mann has rediscovered the site of the settlement established by Sinclair and his Templar followers, where they found a safe refuge for the Grail in the New World.
  2. The Templar Meridians

    The Templar Meridians

    By William F. Mann

    William F. Mann shows that the great treasure of the Templars consists of knowledge they discovered in the Holy Land during the Crusades which enabled them to establish accurate latitudinal and longitudinal positions long before the foundations of the current science were laid. This allowed them to reach the New World, where they established secret settlements and mining operations that gave them a limitless supply of precious metals and a military edge over their opponents.
  3. Templar Sanctuaries in America

    Templar Sanctuaries in America

    By William F. Mann