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The Secret of the Runes

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The Secret of the Runes

Translated by  Guido von List

ISBN-13: 978-0-89281-207-3
ISBN: 0-89281-207-9

Quality Paperback — 7/1/88

Page Count: 144; 5.38 (width) x 8.25 (height)

Imprint: Inner Traditions

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About The Secret of the Runes

The runes are said to have “revealed themselves” to von List, uncovering a complete cosmology and esoteric understanding of the primeval Teutonic/Aryan peoples, and becoming the cornerstone of his ideology. No other work so clearly and simply sets forth the full spectrum of von List’s fantastic vision of a mystical philosophy based on Germanic principles.

About the Author(s) of The Secret of the Runes

Stephen Flowers studied Germanic and Celtic philology and religious history at the University of Texas at Austin and in Goettingen, West Germany. He received his Ph.D. in 1984 in Germanic Languages and Medieval Studies with a dissertation entitled Runes and Magic.

Praise for The Secret of the Runes

"If runes interest you at all, The Secret of the Runes is a historical and sociological document of great import. If you are a student of occult beliefs, you will recognize many of the newfangled new-age concepts we take for granted as vintage Armanen, perhaps very much to your dismay. Either way, this is an important book whose mysteries never fail to provoke thoughts and challenge beliefs."
Thor the Barbarian, Nemeton, Jan 2006

. . . serves as one of the major text on the meaning of the runes and their place in Teutonic cultures.

New Dawn, May/June 2003