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Primal Cuisine

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Primal Cuisine

Cooking for the Paleo Diet

By (author)  Pauli Halstead

ISBN-13: 978-1-59477-486-7
ISBN: 1-59477-486-2

Quality Paperback — 11/20/12

Page Count: 288; 8.00 (width) x 10.00 (height)

Full-color throughout

Imprint: Healing Arts Press

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Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet by Inner Traditions

About Primal Cuisine

Nourishing and innovative paleo recipes to delight your family, impress your guests, and inspire your culinary talents while improving your health

• Includes more than 150 primal recipes, with more than 20 options for every meal of the day, including snacks and dessert

• Offers step-by-step advice to eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and optimize daily protein and healthful fat intake

• Each recipe is free of grains, gluten, sugar, chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones

• Companion cookbook to Primal Body, Primal Mind

Improve your health, boost your energy levels, increase your brain power, live longer, and even save money on your grocery bills with 150 budget-conscious paleo diet recipes from gourmet chef Pauli Halstead. These easy-to-follow recipes provide more than 20 choices for every meal of the day--even desserts and snacks--and all are free of grains, gluten, sugar, chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones.

More than just a cookbook, Primal Cuisine also explains the dietary theory behind the primal lifestyle. Chef Pauli’s step-by-step advice to eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and optimize protein and healthful fat intake demonstrates how the foods of our ancestors--such as wild-caught fish, grass-fed meats, and organic vegetables, nuts, seeds, and berries--are still the best choice when it comes to improving your physical and mental health.

From Mardi Gras Crab Cakes with Creole Remoulade to Beef Carpaccio Salad, from comfort foods like Sunday Roast Chicken with Herb Butter to completely sugar-free desserts like Lemon Cheesecake with Berries, this companion to the bestselling Primal Body, Primal Mind opens the door to a sustainable primal lifestyle of health, energy, mental focus, and long life using innovative recipes to delight your family, impress your guests, and inspire your culinary talents.

About the Author(s) of Primal Cuisine

Pauli Halstead has been a Bay Area and Wine Country chef for more than 30 years. She began her culinary career in 1975 when she opened Pauli’s Café in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Now retired, she lives in Nevada City, California.

Praise for Primal Cuisine

“The author, Pauli Halstead, is a long-time chef and caterer, and it shows in her cookbook. Her recipes look and sound gourmet, but are easy enough for the average home cook to follow.”
Poor and Gluten Free Blog, January 2013

“Mouthwatering recipes gorgeously photographed, Primal Cuisine is an invaluable nutritional health resource you won't want to live without!”
Jimmy Moore, author of 21 Life Lessons From Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

Primal Cuisine proves that one does not need to give up gourmet gustatory pleasures to enjoy a healthy, high-nutrition diet similar to the one humanity has evolved eating.”
Wisconsin Book Watch, January 2013

“Primal Cuisine provides a clear and straightforward guide to any beginner of the primal lifestyle and a fabulous tool for any well-seasoned primal aficionado. Pauli has written a heart- felt yet informative book that I highly recommend.”
Lauren A. Noel, ND 

Primal Cuisine offers the home chef an indispensable tool of health empowerment. Each recipe represents one step away from the man-made world of sickness toward a life in balance with the remaining bounty of nature.”
Cate Shanahan, M.D., family medicine physician and author of Deep Nutrition

“As a passionate advocate for removing gluten from the American diet, Chef Pauli has hit a home run with Primal Cuisine.”
Frankie Boyer, host of the Frankie Boyer show

“Finally, the cookbook we’ve been waiting for. Just reading these recipes was satisfying--they’re dense with real food, rich with flavors, and luscious with that wonderful ingredient everyone else has shunned: fat.”
Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth

“Everyone should read this book. No kidding, we all need to experience the shock of finding out how iffy our food supply is, and how to get beyond it. You'll be "reading labels" after going through this gorgeous book, with its full-color dishes, like Endive "Spoons" and Curried Onion and Ginger Soup and Panna Cotta (ice cream). Junk food equals junk health, and Halstead's chapters are a clear guide to the Paleo diet (the kind our genes expect). Cholesterol problem? Overweight? Medical issues? It's mostly how we eat that got us there. Not a typical cookbook, PRIMAL CUISINE's recipes steer us away from toxins, carcinogens, gluten, carbs, sugar and trans-fats - and tastefully so! Here at last is the gourmet's handbook to health.”
Susan B. Martinez, Ph.D., author of Time of the Quickening

“...a fabulous book of recipes, based on healthy, primal nutrition, that will have you drooling as you head for the kitchen. From a healthy breakfast of Fried Eggs with Asparagus & Pecorino Romano or Wild Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Frittata, through Smoke Trout Paté, Curried Onion & Ginger Soup, Barbecued Chicken Salad, Mahi-Mahi Fish Tacos with Butter Lettuce Tortillas, and Lamb Shanks Adobo, to Nora’s Coconut Bliss Truffles and I Am Bright Avocado-Lime Pie, eating healthy becomes an exciting journey of delights.”
Anna Jedrziewski, Inannaworks.com, February 2013

“So not only does the book do an excellent and concise job of educating about how to select quality foods (Paleo diet or not), it’s also got some great recipes.”
Maria Rickert Hong, Maria Rickert Hong Blog, February 2013

“As a nutritionist, I particularly appreciate cookbooks that include important information about the health benefits of a particular diet plan in addition to appealing recipes. Primal Cuisine: Cooking for the Paleo Diet, by chef Pauli Halstead, offers both...This cookbook and guide for eating a healthy primal diet includes a wide range of recipes for both the beginner and the gourmet cook. Chef Pauli Halstead has indeed done her homework and offers this guide to fun, wholesome, and nutritious meals, from appetizers to what she calls her dessert recipes: Perfect Ending.”
Yaakov Levine, NTP, Price Pottenger Journal, August 2013

“What do I like about this book? 1). I love the cover, the paper, the font, the lay-out and the size of it. It just feels good to hold and to read. 2). The FOOD! These recipes are clear and not too difficult but the emphasis is on that caterer’s magic touch – FLAVOR AND APPEARANCE. Follow Pauli’s lead and you’ll look like a sous-chef yourself! There are party platters here, as well as breakfast, salad dressings and desserts. 3). The first 40 pages are about food, health and why grains, sugars, food additives and bad fats are out. It’s not preachy, but perfect for some gentle coaching of readers wanting to know more of the WHY as well as the HOW. 4). There are 20 pages on stocking the pantry. Excellent resources are given as well as info on how to find real olive oil and the best spices and seasonings. 5). It’s a great gift book! My suggestion is to buy 10 copies and your holiday and Birthday shopping for a year are done! The price is only $19.95… A relief when so many books are topping $35 these days. Pauli and I share a lot about our health issues and life changes, as well as laughing at some behind-the-scenes looks at several of those dessert recipes! Buy it. Love it. Share it. You’ll like this one. ”
Beverly Meyer, On Diet and Health Blog, September 2013

“If you want to learn how to make a variety of delicious primal masterpieces in your own kitchen then you’ll find Primal Cuisine a handy edition to your recipe book collection. However if you want to go a step further and expand your knowledge to include our evolutionary heritage with regards to nutrition and health and the link between how our ancestors ate to becoming a guide for ‘the proper nutrition for modern humans’ then you will thoroughly enjoy this read!”
Under the Primal Influence Blog, October 2013