Alison Chester-Lambert, MA

Alison Chester-Lambert, MA, studied Greek literature and mythology at the University of Wales where she graduated with a master’s degree with distinction in cultural astronomy and astrology. As an astrologer, she is a regular contributor to the UK’s Daily Mail Online, has written columns for many leading astrology and spiritual magazines, and has BBC and American TV credits including The Daily Politics Show on BBC2. She lives in Tamworth, England.

Books By Alison Chester-Lambert, MA

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    Greek Mythology Reading Cards

    Greek Mythology Reading Cards

    By Alison Chester-Lambert, MA

    The mythology of ancient Greece gave the people their history, laws, and their spiritual support. Deities, such as Athena and Zeus, could be implored for support and guidance in times of stress. Now, with this full-color card set and guidebook, you can easily consult the Greek pantheon and receive their guidance and wisdom.
  2. Astrology Reading Cards

    Astrology Reading Cards

    By Alison Chester-Lambert, MA

    Self-help astrological advice has never been easier to obtain than with this spirit guiding card deck. Featuring three sets of cards--the Zodiac Signs, the Planets and the Houses--advice seekers can select a card from each set and then use the book of guidelines to interpret the answer.