Anadi Martel

Anadi Martel is a physicist and electronics designer, who has acted as a consultant for IMAX, Cirque du Soleil, and the Metropolitan Opera of New York. For more than 30 years he has researched the therapeutic properties of light and the interaction between technology and consciousness, leading to the creation of the Sensora multisensorial system. His sound spatialization devices have been used around the world, including by NASA. He serves as President of the International Light Association (ILA) and lives in Quebec.

Books By Anadi Martel

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    Light Therapies

    Light Therapies

    By Anadi Martel

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    Sharing his 30 years of research, Anadi Martel demonstrates light’s incredible effects on the physical, energetic, and cognitive dimensions of life. He examines several forms of light therapy and explains how to get optimal benefits from sunlight and avoid the health risks of new artificial lighting such as compact fluorescents.