Barbara Griggs

Barbara Griggs, a renowned journalist and researcher in the field of herbalism, is also the author of The Green Witch Herbal. She lives in London.

Books By Barbara Griggs

  1. Green Pharmacy

    Green Pharmacy

    By Barbara Griggs

    An eloquent and engaging account of the use of herbal medicine from prehistoric times to the present. Including the latest developments in the field of herbal medicine, this classic bestseller presents a fascinating account of the ideas that have shaped the course of medicine and pharmacology in the Western world.
  2. The Green Witch Herbal

    The Green Witch Herbal

    By Barbara Griggs

    Centuries ago, every woman was an herbal expert by necessity, and her garden supplied medicines, cosmetics, and soaps. Today, as we seek natural alternatives to synthetic products, researchers are discovering that herbal legends often turn out to encode hard medical fact. This modern compendium of herbal remedies shows how to tap the astonishing power of plants and herbs.