Candice Covington

Photo by: Charlie Daniels

Candice Covington is a certified aromatherapist, healing arts master, and energy worker. A former instructor at Ashmead College in Ayurvedic theory and aromatherapy, she is now the primary aromatherapist at the Chopra Center. The founder of Divine Archetypes, an essential oil company, she lives in Oregon City, Oregon.

Books By Candice Covington

  1. Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice

    Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice

    By Candice Covington

    Candice Covington details how to use essential oils energetically to affect the tattvas, the elemental energies behind your unique personal characteristics. She provides energetic profiles of each tattva, chakra, and essential oil, explains their relationships to one another, and details how to craft your own ritual practice with essential oils.