Doug Marsh

Doug Marsh, a professional engineer and vision educator, has extensively studied natural vision improvement and the mind/body interface as it relates to eyesight. The natural Taoist approach has greatly reduced his nearsightedness while also relieving the symptoms of a TMJ/inner-ear disorder. Most days he experiences brief, spontaneous “flashes” of near 20/20 eyesight, an encouraging sign that his vision continues to heal. He lives in Canada.

Books By Doug Marsh

  1. Restoring Your Eyesight

    Restoring Your Eyesight

    By Doug Marsh

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    Doug Marsh shows readers how to improve their eyesight by taking conscious control of their vision health. Combining proven methods pioneered a century ago by William Bates with the ancient Chinese wisdom of Taoism, Marsh draws upon their core values--rhythm, softness, return, balance, and wholeness--to provide guidelines for a holistic healing of outer and inner vision.