Frank Joseph

Books By Frank Joseph

  1. Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America
    Frank Joseph reveals that modern civilization in North America was preceded by four advanced cultures that rose and fell over the past three thousand years. How they achieved greatness and why they vanished so completely are explored in this unconventional prehistory.
  2. Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age

    Atlantis and the Coming Ice Age

    By Frank Joseph

    The civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria predicted an eternal cycle of global creation, destruction, and renewal. Our own civilization is on the brink of a destructive phase--political and economic upheaval is paralleled by extreme weather, massive solar flares, and tectonic disturbances--suggesting we are headed into another ice age. But by recognizing the self-destructive patterns, we can reestablish the cosmic balance.
  3. Before Atlantis

    Before Atlantis

    By Frank Joseph

    Before Atlantis compellingly challenges conventional theories of evolution and the origins of civilization. The author traces the genesis of modern human civilization to Indonesia and the Central Pacific 75,000 years ago, launched by a catastrophic volcanic eruption that abruptly reduced humanity from two million to a few thousand individuals.
  4. The Destruction of Atlantis

    The Destruction of Atlantis

    By Frank Joseph

    All indigenous cultures share the myth of an ancient deluge. In The Destruction of Atlantis, author Frank Joseph links this worldwide cultural phenomenon to the story of the lost civilization of Atlantis. This comprehensive account combines 20 years of research with a stunning and imaginative portrait of a mighty empire corrupted by an overreaching lust for wealth and power, and offers an important lesson to our own materialistic civilization.
  5. The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

    The Lost Civilization of Lemuria

    By Frank Joseph

    Oral tradition in Polynesia recounts the story of Lemuria, a vast kingdom of islands and archipelagoes that once sprawled across the Pacific Ocean, but was destroyed by a mighty “warrior wave”--a tsunami. Frank Joseph offers a compelling picture of this motherland of humanity, which he suggests was the original Garden of Eden.
  6. Survivors of Atlantis

    Survivors of Atlantis

    By Frank Joseph

    Archaeologists have long puzzled over evidence suggesting sophisticated copper mining activities in the Great Lakes area some 5,000 years ago. Menomonie Indian tradition speaks of fair skinned mariners from the past who came to "dig out the shiny bones" of the Earth Mother. In this sequel to The Destruction of Atlantis, Frank Joseph contends that the mariners described by the North American Menomonie Indians were Atlanteans.
  7. The Lost Treasure of King Juba

    The Lost Treasure of King Juba

    By Frank Joseph

    Compels us to consider the possibility that Africans arrived in North America a millennium before Columbus. Contains over 100 photographs of ancient artifacts, discovered in 1982 in a southern Illinois cave. Explains the mystery of the Washtaws, a tribal group of African origin, encountered by the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Suggests that King Juba actually sailed to America to rebuild his kingdom in the New World.
  8. Gods of the Runes

    Gods of the Runes

    By Frank Joseph

    This book reveals the rich history of runes since their appearance in Paleolithic times. It uncovers the original meanings, myths, traits, astrological periods, colors, and gemstones of each rune’s corresponding god or goddess. Includes beautiful full-color illustrations.
  9. Seven Secrets of Time Travel

    Seven Secrets of Time Travel

    By Von Braschler

    This book examines time travel from the viewpoint of mystics, shamanic dreamwalkers, and scientists, from Blavatsky to Einstein. It offers practical exercises to develop time travel abilities, emphasizing the spiritual wholeness that comes from energy body work.
  10. La Destrucción de la Atlántida

    La Destrucción de la Atlántida

    By Frank Joseph

    Todas las culturas indígenas comparten el mito de un antiguo diluvio. Frank Joseph enlaza este fenómeno mundial con la historia de la civilización perdida de la Atlántida. Este cuento combina 20 años de investigación con una asombrosa representación de un gran imperio corrompido por codicia, ofreciendo una lección importante para nuestra civilización materialista.
  11. Our Dolphin Ancestors

    Our Dolphin Ancestors

    By Frank Joseph

    Integrating scientific research on dolphin intelligence, communication, and physiology with enduring myths from some of the world’s oldest cultures, such as the Aborigines, Norse, Greeks, and Celts, the author examines our physical commonalities with dolphins, including their vestigial thumbs and legs, birth processes, and body temperature.
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    Power Places and the Master Builders of Antiquity
    Sharing his personal investigations into a wide range of ancient mysteries and paranormal enigmas in America and abroad, Frank Joseph explores sacred sites and strange phenomena in Egypt, China, Ireland, and throughout North America, including Oak Island, Florida’s Coral Castle, Wisconsin’s UFO hotspot, Aztec cities in Kansas, and giant-built constructions in Illinois.
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    Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials
    In this comprehensive military history of armed confrontations between humans and extraterrestrials in the 20th and 21st centuries, Frank Joseph provides verifiable evidence of incidents from both World Wars, the Korean War, Vietnam War, and Gulf War, as well as recent examples such as alien involvement at the Fukushima meltdown.