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    Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

    Lost Knowledge of the Ancients

    Edited by Glenn Kreisberg

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    This anthology, selected by Graham Hancock, presents alternative theories on history, the origins of civilization, ancient technology, and the nature of consciousness. Topics range from the effect of cosmic rays on human evolution to NASA’s cover-up of ancient Martian civilizations.
  2. Mysteries of the Ancient Past

    Mysteries of the Ancient Past

    Edited by Glenn Kreisberg

    This anthology presents the latest controversial findings in alternative science, history, archaeology, and consciousness research. With contributions by David Frawley, Daniel Pinchbeck, Joscelyn Godwin, and others, this book shows that by recovering our lost history we too can experience the higher consciousness and advanced wisdom of the ancients.
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    Spirits in Stone

    Spirits in Stone

    By Glenn Kreisberg

    In this comprehensive field guide to hundreds of lost, forgotten, and misidentified megalithic stone structures in northeastern America, Glenn Kreisberg documents many enigmatic formations still standing across the Catskill Mountain and Hudson Valley region, complete with functioning solstice and equinox alignments. Sites include the Wall of Manitou, Devil’s Tombstone, and Overlook Mountain.