Jan Kounen

Filmmaker Jan Kounen has created a number of films and documentaries, including the celebrated Blueberry, released in the United States as Renegades.

Books By Jan Kounen

  1. The Psychotropic Mind

    The Psychotropic Mind

    By Jeremy Narby
    By Jan Kounen

    This book examines plant-centered shamanic practices, including initiations, hallucinogens, and altered states of consciousness. It discusses both the benefits and dangers that await those who seek to travel this ancient path.
  2. Visionary Ayahuasca

    Visionary Ayahuasca

    By Jan Kounen

    Over multiple trips to the Peruvian Amazon, filmmaker Jan Kounen was transformed from curious explorer to experienced ayahuasquero. This book, part memoir and part guide on what to expect and how to prepare, would be an excellent first step prior to committing to the journey with ayahuasca.