Joseph Chilton Pearce

For more than 35 years, Joseph Chilton Pearce (1926-2016) taught workshops and gave lectures on the changing needs of children and the development of human society. He is the author of several books, including The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, The Biology of Transcendence, The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit, The Heart-Mind Matrix, Magical Child, and Evolution's End. He lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Books By Joseph Chilton Pearce

  1. The Art of Conscious Parenting

    The Art of Conscious Parenting

    By Jeffrey L. Fine, Ph.D.

    The first days and months of life are critical, when physical contact and conscious interaction with your infant, for example eye contact, have an observable positive effect. The authors also introduce “green parenting” practices that are economically and environmentally sustainable.
  2. Profound Healing

    Profound Healing

    By Cheryl Canfield

    At the age of 41 Cheryl Canfield was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She rejected proposed surgeries that would involve removing her uterus, cervix, lymph nodes, and surrounding nerves. Instead, she decided to accept death and focused her energy on attempting to die well. In the process, she cured herself.
  3. The Biology of Transcendence

    The Biology of Transcendence

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Joseph Chilton Pearce examines the current biological understanding of our neural organization to address how we can transcend our current evolutionary capacities and limitations. It is the dynamic interaction of the head brain (intellect) and heart brain (intelligence), of biology and spirit, that allows transcendence from one evolutionary place to the next.
  4. The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

    The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    With a masterful synthesis of recent discoveries in physics, biology, and psychology, Pearce reveals the extraordinary relationship of mind and reality and nature's blueprint for a self-transcending humanity.
  5. The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit

    The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Pearce explains that beneath our awareness, culture imprints a negative force-field that blocks the natural rise of the spirit toward its innate nature of love and altruism. He shows that if we can allow the intelligence of the heart to take hold and flourish, we can reverse this unconscious loss of our true being.
  6. Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg

    Exploring the Crack in the Cosmic Egg

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    We go through early childhood connecting with the world through our senses, but with the process of acculturation our innate states of non-ordinary consciousness become suppressed. Trapped in this “cosmic egg” we are no longer able to have mystical experiences or live fully in the present. This book shows how we may return to the unencumbered consciousness of our infancy.
  7. From Magical Child to Magical Teen

    From Magical Child to Magical Teen

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Pearce demonstrates how nature has built into us an agenda for the intelligent unfolding of our lives. He offers a powerful critique of contemporary child-rearing practices and a groundbreaking alternative to existing perspectives on adolescence.

  8. The Heart-Mind Matrix

    The Heart-Mind Matrix

    By Joseph Chilton Pearce

    The heart provides the balance to the brain’s calculating intellect, an innate system of emotional-mental coherence we have lost touch with. By activating the compassionate intelligence of the heart we can alter the destructive behavior loops of the survival-oriented reptilian brain, and enter into a future of peace and conscious evolution.
  9. The New Children and Near-Death Experiences

    The New Children and Near-Death Experiences

    By P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D.


    The New Children and Near-Death Experiences is the first book to provide an in-depth study of children who have experienced the near-death phenomenon. The author shows that these children have experienced functional changes in the brain, possess heightened empathic abilities and intelligence, and suggests that understanding the experiences of these children can help us prepare for a quantum leap in the evolution of humanity.

  10. The Secret Dowry of Eve

    The Secret Dowry of Eve

    By Glynda-Lee Hoffmann

    Using her lifelong study of the Qabalah and the Hebrew alphabet, Hoffmann reveals why it was permissible for Eve to eat the apple of knowledge that was forbidden to Adam. Eve's desire for integration, clarity, and transcendence is a goal Adam is biologically incapable of pursuing without her.
  11. Spiritual Initiation and the Breakthrough of Consciousness

    In this book Joseph Chilton Pearce describes his experience of shaktipat, received from his spiritual teacher, Swami Muktananda. Shaktipat is the moment enlightenment is conferred upon a student by his master’s touch. Pearce experienced a dramatic shift of mind and realized that the challenge faced by modern humanity is to passionately gather the scattered fragments of our lives and channel them into the creative realm.