Julie K. Staples, Ph.D.

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Julie K. Staples, Ph.D., is the Research Director at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, D.C., adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, and a certified Kundalini yoga teacher. Along with Daniel Mintie, LCSW, she developed an Integrative Trauma Recovery Program combining yoga and cognitive-behavioral therapy for healing PTSD. Julie lives in New Mexico and conducts mind-body wellness workshops at universities and training centers worldwide.

Books By Julie K. Staples, Ph.D.

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    Reclaiming Life after Trauma

    Reclaiming Life after Trauma

    By Daniel Mintie, LCSW
    By Julie K. Staples, Ph.D.

    This book addresses both the physical and psychological expressions of PTSD, presenting an integrative, fast-acting, evidence-based, and drug-free path to recovery. Offering yoga and cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, the authors provide a suite of simple, powerful, and easily learned tools readers can put to immediate use to reset their traumatized bodies and minds.