Kathryn W. Ravenwood

A renowned ceremonialist, shamanic guide, teacher, and a minister of the Universal Life Church, Kathryn W. Ravenwood has studied in the Egyptian Mystery School tradition with Nicki Scully, Normandi Ellis, and Gloria Taylor Brown. An initiated member of the Lineage of Thoth and a certified teacher of alchemical healing, she lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Books By Kathryn W. Ravenwood

  1. How to Create Sacred Water

    How to Create Sacred Water

    By Kathryn W. Ravenwood

    This book explains how to make homeopathic elixirs that can purify bodies of water both near and far. It describes how to create a personal altar in your home, the crystals most suitable for this work, and how to program them with your healing intentions using a full moon to full moon cycle of ritual and prayer.