Keith Dowman

Keith Dowman has spent 30 years traveling widely in India and Nepal and is an initiate of the Nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is the author of The Divine Madman and Power Places of Kathmandu.

Books By Keith Dowman

  1. Legends of the Mahasiddhas

    Legends of the Mahasiddhas

    Translated by Keith Dowman
    Illustrated by Robert Beer

    Here is a collection of 12th-century stories of the “crazy” tantric masters in ancient India and Tibet, who legend says could walk through walls, fly, talk with birds, and turn people to stone. These tales reveal the extraordinary spiritual qualities of the great masters who had awakened to a spontaneous and free state of oneness with the divine.
  2. Power Places of Kathmandu

    Power Places of Kathmandu

    Photographs by Kevin Bubriski
    Text by Keith Dowman

    Award-winning photographer Kevin Bubriski captures in stunning detail the sacred places of Nepal's Kathmandu Valley. Noted scholar Keith Dowman provides history and commentary on the significance of the sites.