Kosta Danaos

Kosta Danaos is a professional engineer, an experienced martial arts instructor in jujutsu, kung fu, and t'ai chi chuan, and a freelance writer. He lives in Athens, Greece.

Books By Kosta Danaos

  1. Nei Kung

    Nei Kung

    By Kosta Danaos

    Explains the science behind the practice of nei kung, the elemental nature of yin and yang energy--the two components of ch'i, and how learning to control the yang energy in our ch'i can result in the release of dynamic energy.
  2. The Magus of Java

    The Magus of Java

    By Kosta Danaos

    Written by one of his students, this is the remarkable story of John Chang, the magus of Java, documenting his life; his Taoist Mo-Pai discipline; and his amazing powers of pyrokinesis, telekinesis, levitation, and telepathy.