Kostas Dervenis

Kostas Dervenis is a martial arts instructor in jujutsu, pammachon, and t’ai chi chuan. He has written four books on the martial arts and martial traditions, including Nei Kung and The Magus of Java under the pen name Kosta Danaos. He lives in Athens, Greece.

Books By Kostas Dervenis

  1. The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece

    The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece

    By Kostas Dervenis
    By Nektarios Lykiardopoulos

    The ancient friezes and decorative motifs of ancient Greece contain abundant scenes of combat, one-on-one and hand-to-hand. In The Martial Arts of Ancient Greece, the authors offer close inspection of these depictions to reveal that they exactly correlate to the grappling and combat arts as they are practiced today.
  2. Oracle Bones Divination

    Oracle Bones Divination

    By Kostas Dervenis

    In ancient Greece, one of the most popular and accessible ways of foretelling the future was through the ritual casting of animal bones, similar to the casting of coins with the I Ching. This book explains how to cast the oracle bones to answer questions on love, health, wealth, and the future using either traditional sheep anklebones or coins.