Leslie J. Franks

Leslie J. Franks, LMT, has practiced Asian bodywork since 1990. In 1995, she began studying Classical Chinese Medicine with Dr. Jeffrey C. Yuen, an 88th generation Taoist priest from the ancient lineage of the Jade Purity School. She is also a Chen style Taiji instructor, certified by Master Wang Haijun, 12th generation Chen Taijiquan. She lives in Belchertown, Massachusetts.

Books By Leslie J. Franks

  1. Stone Medicine

    Stone Medicine

    By Leslie J. Franks

    Detailing the properties of 200 gems, stones, minerals, and crystals, Leslie Franks explains the physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions each stone can treat and how their color, form, hardness, and energetic qualities affect us according to Chinese Medicine. Including a thorough primer on Traditional Chinese Medicine, this book explains how stones access our deepest layers.