Lisette Schuitemaker

Lisette Schuitemaker founded, ran, and sold a communications company before becoming a healer, life coach, and personal development author. She studied the work of Wilhelm Reich as part of obtaining her BSc in Brennan Healing Science. She is the co-author of The Eldest Daughter Effect. Lisette lives and works in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Books By Lisette Schuitemaker

  1. The Childhood Conclusions Fix

    The Childhood Conclusions Fix

    By Lisette Schuitemaker

    All of us have drawn conclusions in our childhood: impressions about ourselves, the world and our place in it. These childhood conclusions still produce thoughts that mark our behaviors. With examples from her private practice, Schuitemaker shows how childhood conclusions work and how to turn them around into a positive outlook.
  2. The Eldest Daughter Effect

    The Eldest Daughter Effect

    By Lisette Schuitemaker
    By Wies Enthoven

    The authors discuss qualities that characterize eldest daughters and why, in spite of being more intelligent, verbally proficient, and motivated to perform than their siblings, they doubt they are good enough. This book demonstrates how firstborn girls become who they are, how to give them more freedom, and the best ways to support them.
  3. Childless Living

    Childless Living

    By Lisette Schuitemaker

    Based on a global survey and more than 50 interviews with childless men and women, Schuitemaker explores the life choices people make around having children as well as alternate ways of finding purpose in life, enabling readers to gain insight into the worldwide trend of people who lead a self-fulfilling, childless life.