Nauman Naeem, MD

A physician who realizes that healing comes from a deeper place than the physical, Nauman Naeem MD is a critical care, pulmonary and palliative care physician and has not only cared for tens of thousands of patients but has also delved deeply into why patients do not heal through researching hundreds of books on healing, consciousness and metaphysics. He practices in Toronto, Canada.

Books By Nauman Naeem, MD

  1. Healing from the Inside Out

    Healing from the Inside Out

    By Nauman Naeem, MD

    Clarify your mission, heal emotional wounds, lift subconscious blocks, remove limiting beliefs, enter the natural flow of the Universe, and embrace uncertainty with Dr. Naeem’s insights into healing, based on a decade of experience as a critical care specialist, pulmonologist, and palliative care specialist for thousands of chronically ill patients.

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