Patch Adams, M.D.

Patch Adams, M.D., is a social revolutionary and one-man show who believes in "horse and buggy" medicine and never charges his patients a cent! In 1971, the author and a few of his colleagues founded the Gesundheit institute in Northern Virginia. During the next twelve years, they operated a home-based family medical practice and managed to treat more than 15,000 people without payment, malpractice insurance, or formal facilities. Patch Adams continues on his life mission to achieve the goal of building a fully functioning, free health care center.

Books By Patch Adams, M.D.

  1. Gesundheit!


    By Patch Adams, M.D.

    Today's high-tech medicine has become too costly, impersonal, and grim. In his frequent lectures to colleges, churches, community groups, medical schools, and conferences, Patch Adams shows how healing can be a loving, creative, humorous human exchange--not a business transaction. Here is his true story, popularized in the hit movie starring Robin Williams.
  2. ¡Gesundheit!


    By Patch Adams, M.D.

    La medicina actual de alta tecnología se ha convertido en un recurso excesivamente caro e impersonal. En este libro, Patch Adams demuestra cómo la sanación puede ser un intercambio afectuoso, creativo y simpático, no una transacción comercial. Aquí está su historia real.