Richard Rudgley

Photo by: Laure Thorel

Richard Rudgley is a critically acclaimed author, documentary filmmaker, and TV personality whose books have been translated into 13 languages. In 1991 he became the first winner of the British Museum Prometheus Award for his book, The Alchemy of Culture. His other books include The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Substances, Lost Civilizations of the Stone Age, Barbarians, and Wildest Dreams. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia.

Books By Richard Rudgley

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    The Return of Odin

    The Return of Odin

    By Richard Rudgley

    Exploring the influence of the Norse god Odin in the modern world, Richard Rudgley reveals Odin’s central role in a wide range of cultural movements and phenomena, including Nazi Germany as well as the 1960s counterculture. He explains how the Odin archetype is responsible for both regressive tendencies and the green ecological mindset.