Robert Sachs

Robert Sachs has spent the last twenty-five years studying with some of today's most noted Tibetan spiritual leaders and Ayurvedic physicians. He is a member of Sogyal Rinpoche's Spiritual Dying Network, a Licensed Social Worker, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. The author of Perfect Endings and The Complete Guide to Nine-Star Ki, he lives in California.

Books By Robert Sachs

  1. Tibetan Ayurveda

    Tibetan Ayurveda

    By Robert Sachs

    Tibetan Ayurveda provides a comprehensive guide to the four levels of traditional Tibetan medicine with a wealth of traditional health practices and teachings. Includes material on little-known therapies such as Pancha Karma and Kum Nye, as well as guidelines for nutrition, longevity, detoxification, and meditation.
  2. The Passionate Buddha

    The Passionate Buddha

    By Robert Sachs

    Robert Sachs interweaves traditional Buddhist thought with the concerns of the modern couple. He clarifies how Buddhist practices not only can be integrated into a modern lifestyle but also can be powerful tools for the many changes that occur in any loving relationship.
  3. Perfect Endings

    Perfect Endings

    By Robert Sachs

    Written with lucidity and compassion, this book shows how the death experience, actually our finest hour, is an expansion into a wider dimension of our core being. Sachs explains how he uses the Tibetan practice of phowa, or conscious dying, to aid in the process of letting go of life.