Simon G. Powell

Simon G. Powell is a writer, musician, and filmmaker. He is the author of The Psilocybin Solution and the director/presenter of the film documentary Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature. He lives in London.

Books By Simon G. Powell

  1. Darwin's Unfinished Business

    Darwin's Unfinished Business

    By Simon G. Powell

    Simon G. Powell suggests that evolution is not just about the survival of the fittest but rather the survival of the clever and sensible. He sees Nature as a system of self-organizing intelligence whose agenda is not merely the replication of genetic matter.
  2. Magic Mushroom Explorer

    Magic Mushroom Explorer

    By Simon G. Powell

    Psilocybin is an invaluable natural resource for spiritually revivifying the human psyche and reconnecting us to the vast intelligence of Nature. This book reveals that the beings and otherworldly teachers common in psilocybin experiences are actually emissaries from our higher consciousness. It shows how the Earth’s psychedelic medicines can bring the human race back from the brink of ecological and existential disaster.
  3. The Psilocybin Solution

    The Psilocybin Solution

    By Simon G. Powell

    This book traces the history of the sacred mushroom, detailing how psilocybin can not only dispel anxiety and treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, but can restore our connection to the natural intelligence of Nature.

Simon G. Powell, author of The Psilocybin Solution and Magic Mushroom Explorer takes a look at the resurgence of scientific interest in psilocybin in his new film, Moksha Medicine.