Stephan V. Beyer

Stephan V. Beyer, Ph.D., J.D., is a well-known writer and speaker on shamanism and spirituality. He is also a community builder, peacemaker, and carrier of council. He has been trained and certified in many areas of circle processes, mediation, and nonviolence and has offered peacemaking workshops to a wide variety of audiences, from therapists to theologians, and at Montessori, charter, alternative, and public schools. He has served as a Lecturer in the Department of Criminal Justice at Chicago State University, teaching undergraduate courses and graduate seminars in restorative justice and in the theory and practice of nonviolent resistance. He lives in Chicago.

Books By Stephan V. Beyer

  1. Talking Stick

    Talking Stick

    By Stephan V. Beyer

    Revealing that we are all peacemakers at heart, Steve Beyer details how to approach life with a listening heart and create a safe and sacred space for communication: the peacemaking circle, centered on the talking stick.
  2. The Accidental Shaman

    The Accidental Shaman

    By Howard G. Charing

    Howard Charing explains the surprising way he accidentally became a shaman and how it completely changed the course of his life. Charing’s story will empower readers to begin exploring the realms of consciousness and energy that surround us and welcome the dissolution of the boundary between the physical and the spiritual.