Stephanie T. Hoppe

Stephanie T. Hoppe coedited a two-volume anthology on women's relationships with animals and the natural world entitled With a Fly's Eye, Whale's Wit and Woman's Heart and And a Deer's Ear, Eagle's Song, and Bear's Grace. Her many stories and interviews have been widely published, and she has written several science fiction novels. She lives in Ukiah, California, where she teaches T'ai Chi Ch'uan at the White Cloud women's T'ai Chi School.

Books By Stephanie T. Hoppe

  1. Sharp Spear, Crystal Mirror

    Sharp Spear, Crystal Mirror

    By Stephanie T. Hoppe

    The 24 female martial artists interviewed here discuss the challenges of their training and how it has helped bring new purpose to their lives. Some of these women were athletes before beginning, while others had never been comfortable with their bodies, yet all received deep spiritual nourishment through their practice.