Susan Levitt

Susan Levitt is a professional astrologer, tarot reader, and feng shui consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1986. She was awarded Best Astrologer by the San Francisco Weekly, was interviewed on CNN, and is the author of five books that are published in seven languages.

Books By Susan Levitt

  1. Taoist Feng Shui

    Taoist Feng Shui

    By Susan Levitt

    This is the first book to show how feng shui developed from the Taoist systems of astrology, yin and yang, and the five elements. The author provides examples from her own feng shui practice to help you harmonize your own space.
  2. Taoist Astrology

    Taoist Astrology

    By Susan Levitt

    In Taoist astrology, the year in which you were born determines your character. The years form a twelve-year cycle, and your tendencies depend on which of the five traditional Taoist elements you are born under--water, wood, fire, earth, or metal, making for a cycle of sixty unique signs. This book includes information about each sign and includes discussions of yin and yang, Confucianism and Taoist alchemy.
  3. Teen Feng Shui

    Teen Feng Shui

    By Susan Levitt

    Susan Levitt has provided a resource geared specifically toward the needs and realities of the teenage experience, addressing how young adults can design their living spaces to transform their lives.