Susanne Aernecke

Photo by: Anya Bach

Susanne Aernecke studied directing at the Munich Film Academy in Germany and is an acclaimed filmmaker, shooting documentaries with shamans in Brazil, Buddhist monks in Indian, nomads in Mongolia, and boat builders in the South Pacific, among many other ethnological and spiritual subjects. The author of several books in German, she lives on the Canary Island of La Palma and in Munich, Germany.

Books By Susanne Aernecke

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    Daughter of the Dragon Tree

    Daughter of the Dragon Tree

    By Susanne Aernecke

    Set concurrently in modern times and in 1492, during the Conquistadors’ takeover of the Canary Islands, this novel relates how two women, a doctor and a young medicine woman with intertwined fates centuries apart, must protect the secret of the all-healing mushroom known as amakuna, which has the power to preserve life or destroy it.