Ulrich E. Duprée

Ulrich Emil Duprée is a bestselling author, seminar leader and visionary. He has studied both Western and Eastern philosophy and lived in a Hindu monastery for four years. He has taught Ho’oponopono, the ritual of forgiveness, since his mystical initiation by a Hawaiian Kahuna priest in 2009.

Books By Ulrich E. Duprée

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    By Ulrich E. Duprée

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    Duprée offers a revolutionary guide on the Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness and offers methods for creating immediate positive effects in everyday life. He explores the four tenets for creating peace with oneself and others and includes exercises to encourage focus on difficult conflicts within relationships and to heal the past.
  2. Ho'oponopono and Family Constellations

    Ho'oponopono and Family Constellations

    By Ulrich E. Duprée

    In Ho’oponopono, Ulrich Emil Duprée revealed a healing method for solving problems and conflicts by using the Hawaiian reconciliation ritual to forgive both ourselves and others. This is given even greater power when combined with the method of systemic family constellations, allowing underlying conflicts to be aired and resolved.