Will Hart

Will Hart is a journalist, photographer, and filmmaker who has been investigating ancient mysteries and evidence of extraterrestrial intervention on Earth since 1969. He lives in Nevada.

Books By Will Hart

  1. The Genesis Race

    The Genesis Race

    By Will Hart

    For millennia the development of humanity showed a consistent pattern. Then suddenly, around 3000 BCE, great civilizations sprang up around the globe. Creation myths of these civilizations tell of gods who came to Earth, teaching the arts of civilized life. Now, Will Hart shows that these gods were actually visitors from other worlds who genetically engineered modern humanity from the beings that then inhabited the planet.

  2. Ancient Alien Ancestors

    Ancient Alien Ancestors

    By Will Hart

    Sharing scientific evidence of alien involvement with life on our planet, author Will Hart refines the theory of directed panspermia--that life was intentionally seeded on Earth by extraterrestrials--and shows that advanced ETs are our ancestors and as human as we are.