William Gleason

William Gleason has studied aikido and Japanese medicine and philosophy since 1969, including 10 years of study in Japan. The director of Shobu Aikido in Boston and a 6th dan instructor, he is the author of Aikido and Words of Power and The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido, and translator of Mitsugi Saotome’s Principles of Aikido.

Books By William Gleason

  1. Aikido and Words of Power

    Aikido and Words of Power

    By William Gleason

    The secrets of the sacred sounds that unlock the principles and spiritual strength of aikido are explained, along with the nature of the five vowels governing physical manifestations of universal consciousness. The author uses photographs to demonstrate how this approach fosters advanced spiritual practice.
  2. The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido

    The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido

    By William Gleason

    Aikido was founded not as a fighting method but a means of becoming one with the laws of universal order. William Gleason includes many of Morihei Ueshiba’s teachings here for the first time in English, along with 160 photographs in 22 photographic sequences demonstrating several complete forms of the practice.