Awakening to Animal Voices

A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life
By (author) Dawn Baumann Brunke

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Awakening to Animal Voices
A Teen Guide to Telepathic Communication with All Life
By (author) Dawn Baumann Brunke

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Pages : 272

Book Size : 8 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9780892811366

Imprint : Bindu Books

On Sale Date : April 09, 2004

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 47 b&w photographs

Awakening to Animal Voices helps teens use their natural ability to communicate with the animal kingdom, and open more profoundly to life and other human beings. Using games and exercises, teens will discover their personal animal guide and use the spiritual tools of shamanism to communicate more effectively with others, while expressing a more conscious and alive self in the world.

About Awakening to Animal Voices

Teaches teens how to connect with animals and the world at large in a deeper, more meaningful way

• Shows how telepathic communication with animals can enhance all teen relationships with nature, themselves, and others

• Contains exercises, games, and visualizations to enter into communication with all life

• Includes conversations between animals and professional animal communicators

As companions, helpers, and spiritual guides, animals have always held a special relationship with the human community. Awakening to Animal Voices helps teens access their natural ability to communicate with the animal kingdom and open more profoundly to life, other human beings, and the deeper nature within themselves.

Through games, exercises, experiments, and stories, teens will learn to tune into the subtler whispers of nature. They will discover their personal animal guide and learn the spiritual tools of shamanic journeys, dreamwork, visualizations, and shapeshifting. Filled with advice from animal communication professionals and actual conversations with animals, Awakening to Animal Voices is an invitation to explore our inner way of knowing; to communicate more effectively with others; and to express a more consciously alive self in the world.


Book Excerpt

Chapter 4
Power Animals, Spirit Animals Ambassadors of Awareness

In the beginning of all things, wisdom and knowledge were with the animals; for Tirawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man. He sent certain animals to tell men that he showed himself through the beasts, and that from them, and from the stars and the sun and the moon, man should learn. Tirawa spoke to man through his works.
Chief Letakots-Lesa

Since ancient times, humans have sensed a link between animals, nature, and the spiritual world. As Chief Letakots-Lesa of the Pawnee tribe told his people, the Great Spirit is often revealed to us through animals. How is this so?

Having a distinctive awareness of the world and specialized abilities that humans do not have (such as flying or breathing underwater), each animal group carries its own gift its unique medicine or teaching that it expresses and exemplifies in the web of life. This is why in most cultures through the ages, animals have been and still are regarded as messengers of spirit, ambassadors of wisdom, and guides to other states of consciousness. As vehicles of connection to the sacred, animals be they living animals, dream animals, spirit animals, animal guides or teachers, power animals or totems help us open to the deeper mysteries of life.

Throughout history, humans have engaged a variety of ways to call upon special animal spirits or to awaken the animal energy within ourselves. We might wear animal masks or skins, or adorn our clothing with animal claws, teeth, bones, or fur. We might mimic animal movements or behavior, or the calls, sounds, or songs of special animals. Some of us might observe and write about the qualities of animals, or draw their images on our caves or tombs. We might sing praise or dance honor to the animals we admire, or fear.

To call upon an animal's power is to request relationship with the spiritual energy of that animal. We might implore an animal to be our guide as we visit different worlds or states of consciousness. We might even blend our energy with an animal, merging in feeling and consciousness to such a point that the deeper energy of that animal moves through us as well.

Nothing but Emu
While visiting Australia, author Jean Houston observed an Aboriginal woman of the Emu totem enter "into the body, mind, and spirit of the great bird so totally that for an instant her human form disappeared into the bird form. There was no emu present for her to imitate, but she had so closely identified with her totem that every movement and feature had become emu and nothing but emu. And whereas, previously, this woman had been silent and withdrawn, for a time afterward she became vocal and expressive and taught us much. When I asked her how this had happened, she told me, 'I caught my Dreaming--I was my ancestor.' She had become her totem."

When we refer to a power or spirit animal, a totem, or an animal dreaming, we are speaking of the larger energy of what that animal holds and represents--its power, its medicine. For example, to call upon Cat energy is not just to call a single cat, but to invoke the power of all cats. Why? Because the spiritual essence of Cat is found at the core of cats as a species. The archetype of Great Cat resides in all cats those who are living now and those who are not yet born, those who are in the spirit world and those who share their wisdom as ancestral cats. The voice of Great Cat is eternal--it is the energetic signature of what makes all cats Cat.

Power Animals
It is often said that we do not choose our animal totem. Instead, our power animal chooses us, appearing when we are ready for its teaching. It’s a good arrangement, because it prevents us from selecting animals based on outward show, our own desires, or what we think we need. Power animals are about power--about the energy that moves beneath ego, appearances, and superficial wishes. When a power animal comes to us, we are presented with a clearer reflection of who we really are and what we really need.

Some power animals don’t show themselves immediately. It is as if they are testing us or waiting for us to come to a certain level of consciousness before they make themselves known. Sometimes, we will not understand why an animal has chosen us. "What wisdom can a snake have?” "Why do I keep seeing rabbits?” "What could I possibly need to know from an ant?” "I am small and cute; how can a big, hairy buffalo be my power animal?”

An Animal Communication Exercise
Power Animal Meditation

Find a quiet place and get comfortable sitting or lying on the ground. Breathe a few good, deep breaths, and relax. Close your eyes.

Gently, easily, travel inside yourself, down, down to a place that seems to call you. Maybe it is a meadow or a river; maybe there is a hidden cave or a small blue lake. It is some place in nature that speaks to you, for it has already been selected by you and your power animal.

Relax. You do not have to visualize anything. All that you need will come to you. Enjoy the place where you find yourself. Imagine yourself more fully present; feel the earth beneath you, the air on your face. What do you hear? What do you see?

When you are ready, request your power animal to come. Some animals appear of their own accord, walking up to meet you or running past. Some animals appear very large or small, perhaps in a different color or shape than you know them in waking life.

Allow the vision to unfold. Watch what happens; notice as much as you can. Look. Listen…
Table of Contents

Table of content

Introduction: The Door Is Round and Open . . .

Part One

Beginning the Journey

1--Once Upon a Time . . .

An Animal Communication Game: What’s Your Story? Part One—
Re-creating Once Upon a Time

Animal Mythology: The Myth of the Musk Oxen
An Animal Communication Game: What’s Your Story? Part Two—
Tapping Mythic Consciousness

Entering Dreamtime: When Nowhere Is Now Here
An Animal Communication Exercise: Dreamtime Meditation

Everything You Can Imagine . . . The Legend of the Unicorn

Awakening to the Living Myth
Chapter Representative: The Greatest Age ~ Spirit of All Horses

2--Becoming Doctor Dolittle

Do Little and Be

Different Ways to Sense the World

So How Does It Work?

The Basics

Sharing the Mystery

Tips, Clues, Reminders, Games

An Animal Communication Exercise: See from Your Animal’s View
An Animal Communication Project: Create an Animal Communication Journal
Chapter Representative: Swimming for Joy ~ Goldfish

3--Magical Meetings

The Power of Magical Meetings

In Sync with Synchronicity
An Animal Communication Project: Record Magical Meetings in Your Journal
An Animal Communication Exercise: Invoke a Magical Meeting

Step by Step
An Animal Communication Project: Creatures I Love to Fear and Loathe

A Feeling for Flies

To Know the Living Being
An Animal Communication Project: Observing Animal Qualities

Magical Meetings of the Creative Kind

When the Time Is Right . . .

Be Part of the Magic
Chapter Representative; Two Things You Need to Know ~ Willie (cockatiel)

Part Two
Seeking Animal Wisdom

4--Power Animals, Spirit Animals--Ambassadors of Awareness

Nothing but Emu
An Animal Communication Activity: Create an Animal Altar

Totems of Today
An Animal Communication Activity: Tune In to Your Totem—Find Your Fetish
Power Animals
An Animal Communication Exercise: Power Animal Meditation

Learning More: Embrace the Eclectic

Finding Voice

Celebrating Variety

Exceptional Beings

Chapter Representative: To Thine Own Self ~ The Cat Council

5--Animal Guides and Teachers

A Teaching Partnership

The Life of an Animal Teacher

Teaching by Carrier Wave

Animals in the Classroom

Teachings of the Sled Dogs

Spirit of Sled Dogs: the Teacher’s Teacher

A Conversation with Christina

Wisdom through the Ages

Chapter Representative: A Longing to Connect ~ Mother Energy

6--Animal Dreams
An Animal Communication Project: Create a Dream Journal

Dream Animals

The Dream Does Not Forget

Embracing Our Dreams

What Does It Mean?

A Talk with the Frog People

Dreams that Animals Dream
Chapter Representative: Lessons on Lucid Dreaming ~ Dream Guides

Part Three
Deepening in Relationship

7--Animal Healing

Sensing Past the Symptoms

Finding Center

The Power of Touch

Meeting the Healer Within

Finding Entrance

Building and Expanding Your Healing Repertoire

An Animal Communication Activity: A Hands-On Healing Massage

Other Types of Healing

The Healing Space
An Animal Communication Exercise: The Power of a Purr
Chapter Representative: Healing Is a Simple Moment ~ Shanti (llama)

8--A Look at Death

Approaching Death: Rooskie
Letting Go
Just Be
Looking into Death: Rooskie, Part II
Dreaming Ourselves Awake
Saying Good-bye
Drinking in the Light: Rooskie, Part III
Chapter Representative: A Journey of Becoming ~ Barney (dog)

9--The Art of Shape-Shifting

Travels with Shark

Dreaming a New Perspective

An Animal Communication Game:
Sensing Synesthesia--Salsa of the Senses

Having New Eyes
An Animal Communication Exercise: Two Approaches to Shape-Shifting

The Nature of Fear

The Teaching

Chapter Representative: The Ancient Art ~ Ravens

10--Center Being

To Accomplish Great Things

Be the Change

Working Partnerships

Ambassadors of Deeper Understanding

Everything You Need

Here and Now
Chapter Representative: Nothing to Say, Nothing to Fear ~ Gray Whales


Resources, References, and Recommendations

Author Bio
Dawn Baumann Brunke is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life and numerous articles, reviews, and short stories for children and adults. A massage therapist and editor of Alaska Wellness Magazine, she specializes in the areas of bodywork, healing, metaphysics, and spirituality. She lives in Alaska.


Book Praise

Book Praise

“Brunke offers human and animal wisdom to guide and encourage the increasing effort to restore balance and respect among all beings.”
Best Friends Magazine

"There are a lot of great insights within these pages."
Muninn, TBC: Quests, March 2006
Back Cover

Back Cover Copy


Learn What Animals Have to Share with You
Discover What You Have to Share with the World

Awakening to Animal Voices shows you how to access your natural ability to communicate with the animal kingdom and open more profoundly to the deeper nature within yourself. If you’re wondering Can I really talk with animals? the answer is Yes!

As companions, helpers, and spirit guides, animals have always held a special relationship with the human community. Awakening to Animal Voices will help you open a window on the world of animal wisdom. It is filled with advice from animal communication professionals and actual conversations with animals, as well as games, exercises, experiments, and stories that will help you tune in to the subtler whispers of nature. Learn what sled dogs have to teach about teamwork. Hear how llamas see themselves as healers of the world. Imagine how it would feel to inhabit the skin of a shark. Through dreamwork and visualizations you can discover your personal animal guide and learn the tools of shamanic journeying and shape-shifting. When you learn how to use all your senses to listen to animals, you will find out how to listen to your authentic self as well--improving all your communications, human and animal alike.

DAWN BAUMANN BRUNKE is the author of Animal Voices: Telepathic Communication in the Web of Life. A massage therapist and editor of Alaska Wellness Magazine, she specializes in the areas of bodywork, healing, metaphysics, and spirituality. She lives in Wasilla, Alaska.

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