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September 2017

A mystical visit to the Guggenheim

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 9575 Views No comments

Our publisher, Ehud Sperling, had the pleasure of visiting the Guggenheim's "Mystical Symbolism: The Salon de la Rose + Croix in Paris, 1892-1897" exhibit in August -- and saw our book Occult Paris on display!

Vulvas on Display, Fashion Week Splash is Nothing New

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 2067 Views No comments

At the September 2017 New York Fashion Week, design house Namilia caused quite a stir with their dresses and shoes adorned proudly with vulvas. But this sort of "in your face" vulvic display is nothing new...

How Donald Weiser Changed Publishing

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 1238 Views No comments

If it weren't for Donald Weiser, our publishing company wouldn't exist. Donald was a mentor to our publisher Ehud Sperling in the late 1960s and early 1970s through his New York bookstore, Weiser's Book Shop.