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October 2017

Neanderthals and Ancient Herbal Medicine

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 2146 Views No comments

Every herbalist, whether amateur or professional, knows the relationship between plants and people is ancient, perhaps as old as humanity itself. And now scientists have confirmed that Neanderthals had an excellent understanding of medicinal plants and even the natural antibiotic properties of penicillin mold!

Remembering Timothy Wyllie

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 50495 Views 33 comments

It is with sadness that we report the passing of author Timothy Wyllie on Wednesday, October 4th. Timothy was a great soul, forever changed by his near-death experience in 1973.

5.7 million-year-old footprints challenge the "Out of Africa" theory

By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 1432 Views No comments

As noted in Nature, a set of human-like footprints were discovered on the Greek island of Crete and dated to 5.7 millions years ago, when early human ancestors were theoretically living only in Africa. Where did they come from?