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Remembering Timothy Wyllie

Remembering Timothy Wyllie
By Erica Robinson 1 years ago 50081 Views 33 comments

It is with sadness that we report the passing of author Timothy Wyllie on Wednesday, October 4th. Born in 1940, Timothy was a great soul, forever changed by his near-death experience in 1973. A former member of the Process Church known for his appearances on Hamilton's Pharmacopeia on Viceland Video, he spent the years after his NDE studying communication with non-human intelligences, such as Dolphins, ETs, and Angels. In 2011, with the publication of The Return of the Rebel Angels, he began to share his collected wisdom on the rebel angels as well as that of his own guardian angel, Georgia, an angel of Seraphic status. Georgia came to the fore with the publication of Timothy's next book, Confessions of a Rebel Angel (2012), which Georgia channeled through Timothy. Their shared story has continued through several other books: Revolt of the Rebel Angels (2013), Rebel Angels in Exile (2014), Wisdom of the Watchers (2015), Awakening of the Watchers (2016), and Secret History of the Watchers (due out in 2018).

As a musician, Timothy was known for what he called "Bozon Music," improvisational jazz-like shamanic music of the heart. He was also an artist, creating his own sacred landscapes, which were featured as color inserts in his books.

Safe travels on your next journey, Timothy. You were a guiding light for all rebel angel incarnates on Earth, and we will continue your mission. May you and Georgia dance together in the Multiverse!

The Return of the Rebel Angels by Timothy WyllieConfessions of a Rebel Angel by Timothy WyllieRevolt of the Rebel Angels by Timothy WyllieRebel Angels in Exile by Timothy Wyllie
Wisdom of the Watchers by Timothy WyllieAwakening of the Watchers by Timothy WyllieSecret History of the WatchersDolphins, ETs & Angels by Timothy Wyllie
Bob Guy 1 years ago at 5:48 AM
Interesting Dude! I just saw his last appearance on Hamilton's Pharmacopeia, when he had used ketamine - just b4 he died. Wonder if he was tripping when he had his NDE in 1973?
mort 9 months ago at 6:44 PM
No, he had never done any drugs when it happened, he was overworked,had pneumonia and an injured back. he had his NDE in a bathtub.
Daniel 1 month ago at 8:44 PM

Actually, Timothy was abstaining from all drugs and alcohol for a long period in which the NDE took place. That is why it was so meaningful for him. He could never question its reality.
fRED Giannelli 1 years ago at 10:50 AM
RIP: Timothy Wyllie. I met Timothy in 1989 when I was a member of Psychic TV. A re-release of Kondole/DEAD CAT will be re-dedicated to Timothy via Cold Spring on 23 January 2018.
Monsieur LaGuerre 1 years ago at 5:21 PM
All Peace & Light to you, Timothy, my friend! Quite a journey this time around. Safe travels back to The Source.
Stuart J Smith 11 months ago at 3:21 PM
Please publish the remaining books in the sequence with Georgia. He told me they were finished. I can't be left hanging!
Erica Robinson 11 months ago at 12:01 PM
Hi Stuart -- we definitely plan to complete the series! Stay tuned for more info! If you haven't already signed up for our email list, I encourage you to do so, as that is probably the easiest way to learn when the new books will be out. All my best, Erica
Stuart J Smith 8 months ago at 3:35 PM
I will search that out now.
jluken13@gmail.com 11 months ago at 10:53 AM
much love to you my friend, mentor, teacher. Thank you and may beauty and grace forever hover over your footsteps.
mort 9 months ago at 6:46 PM
could anyone tell me the date on which he died please, his Wikipedia page has not been updated since 2009 and doesn't mention his passing on. Thanks
Erica Robinson, Inner Traditions 9 months ago at 10:13 AM
Hi Mort, Timothy passed on October 4, 2017.
TMills 9 months ago at 11:29 AM
I just started reading the series. Does anyone know if Georgia has selected someone else to channel through?
Daniel 1 month ago at 8:46 PM
Timothy said that Georgia had others she was working with. Georgia was not with him for at least a few months before his passing.

I would not expect Georgia to work with others the same way that she worked with Timothy, however.
Lynette Keene 3 days ago at 3:33 PM
Hi Daniel,
How could I get in touch with you? I am anxious to speak with you about some of the entities (??) Georgia speaks of. In fact, it's very important I speak to you. Please contact me.
Erica Robinson, Inner Traditions 3 days ago at 4:22 PM
Hi Lynette -- we will share your note with Daniel, along with your email address, so he can reach out directly. Best, Erica from Inner Traditions
Lynette 3 days ago at 4:49 AM
Thank you so much!!!
Lynette 9 months ago at 5:22 AM
I just found out about Timothy's passing! The loss is felt, wow, but the books live on. THANK YOU for sharing your gift Timothy. Your books truly helped many including me. I wait in anticipation for the next one in the series to be released!
alex manzi fe 8 months ago at 2:57 AM
I've only just discovered that you've gone, Timothy. Our connection was, and is so strong. I feel you in my heart as ever.
Alex Manzi Fe 8 months ago at 3:07 AM
Could someone please let me know, when, how and where Timothy died. Thank you.
Mahar 8 months ago at 10:13 AM
Hi Alex, Timothy passed on October 4, 2017.
alexandra manzi fe 8 months ago at 10:24 PM
Thanks for replying. I still would like to know the circumstances. I last heard from Timothy in September '17.
Erica Robinson 8 months ago at 3:53 PM
Hi Alexandra -- Timothy had a major heart attack in mid-September 2017 and after a difficult recovery period passed away in October 2017 at the hospital near his home in New Mexico. Inner Traditions plans to publish the conclusion of his Rebel Angel book series. Thankfully he had finished writing the manuscripts before his heart attack. Peace to you. --Erica
Daniel 1 month ago at 8:50 PM

Mostly correct.

Timothy passed away near Pittsburgh. He didn’t want to go back to his house, so we got him to Pittsburgh to be with my family. The plan was to continue on to Portland, Maine, so he could be with his art partner June Atkin, but he was too weak to make the trip. June and her husband flew to Pittsburgh, and were there for him, too.
SJ Smith 1 month ago at 1:32 PM
I had been emailing back-and-forth with Timothy for more than a year before he left. I'm an old UB reader and am trying to start a book discussion group and live 42miles NW of Portland , ME. I wondered if you might ask June if she'd have any interest in it? I'm really cliff-hanging on the completion of Georgia's story.
Daniel 1 month ago at 8:06 AM
I'd be glad to ask her for you.
Nick Andersen 8 months ago at 6:34 PM
I'm willing to say that most people will fail to live such an interesting life as Timothy Wyllie has.. May he be reborn and span across the cosmos blessing those who need it most.
Ellen 7 months ago at 5:34 PM
Soar on, Timothy. You touched many lives and I am grateful to have encountered your gentle spirit.
Carole 3 months ago at 10:02 AM
I have all of the Confessions of a Rebel Angel books and had read there were 2 books unpublished when he passed. Will these be published?
Erica Robinson 3 months ago at 1:54 PM
Hi Carole -- We definitely plan to complete the series! Thankfully Timothy and Georgia finished writing the last manuscripts before Timothy passed. If you haven't already signed up for our email list, I encourage you to do so, as that is probably the easiest way to learn when the new books will be out. All my best, Erica, from Inner Traditions
Susan Doel 2 months ago at 3:48 PM
Hi Erica,

I emailed Timothy yesterday at tw@timothywyllie.com the contact email is still on his website, in hopes of buying 6 of his prints. Is there someone taking care of sales still ?? I really want these beautiful images, and the sale would be around 1200.00 plus shipping. Any information would be appreciated.
Erica Robinson 2 months ago at 4:02 PM
Hi Susan,
We have a contact for his book work. I'll forward your comment to him and ask him to reach out to you.
Happy New Year!
Delia 1 month ago at 12:38 PM
I met Timothy in 1992. What an eclectic soul. He, along with others, gathered in my coffee house in Mountainair to play music and just enjoy this special time. He and Elli brought people from outside the US to play instruments such as the didgeridoo. He was SOOO special to this town! He will be missed!!!
Pete 22 days ago at 3:46 AM
Had never heard of Timothy or any of his subject matter before today. Woke up at 3am this morning (London time) and stumbled upon him, his work, many interviews and finally just now, this sad news. I don't know why i was suddenly so awake at silly o'clock this morning, but i do know I've got a great reading list ahead of me. Good luck Timothy for wherever and whatever you're up to now. Stay cool mate!