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The Spiritual Need for Greenery in Winter

By Erica Robinson 2 months ago 276 Views No comments

In the dark days of winter, since ancient times, humans have felt the need to bring greenery into their homes. Today we have Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, Hanukah bushes, and scores of houseplants, but many religions have embraced this spiritual need as part of their winter and solstice traditions as well as venerating trees throughout the year as a divine symbol that connects Heaven and Earth.

A Spring Quest of Discovery

By Bea Pimentel 10 months ago 1132 Views No comments

Getting kids to turn off the TV and go outside doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be as simple as opening a book about chipmunks, bringing home the feather of a local bird, or looking at pictures of herbs and rocks. Every season offers different opportunities for children to experience firsthand the wonders nature has to offer, but what better time to start the quest of nature and self-discovery than spring!

Slipping into the mainstream

By Erica Robinson 2 years ago 7249 Views No comments

We're used to being ahead of the curve with our books. Now mainstream media, art, and science are finally starting to catch up! Here are two recent articles, from The New Yorker and the New York Times related to our books.