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Denisovan-Neanderthal Hybrid Found!

By Erica Robinson 6 months ago 1756 Views No comments

As reported this week by BBC, CNN, Nature, and a host of other major media outlets, bone fragments found in a cave in Russia have been genetically identified as belonging to a little girl who was half Neanderthal and half Denisovan.This new discovery only further confirms Andrew Collins' ground-breaking research in his latest book, The Cygnus Key.

What we're up to in Vermont this summer

By Erica Robinson 2 years ago 980 Views No comments

July is a busy time here at Inner Traditions – new titles for the coming year are officially announced, our Fall books are being finalized and sent to press, and our authors are busy winning awards, teaching workshops, and, of course, promoting their books through signings and book launches.

Another great meeting of New Age businesses – INATS 2017

By Erica Robinson 2 years ago 1277 Views No comments

I recently returned to our Vermont office from Denver, Colorado, where I was representing Inner Traditions * Bear & Company at the 2017 International New Age Trade Show. The show is a feast for the senses – the sounds: laughter, music, chimes, tuning forks, and even digeridoo; the sights: crystals large and small, lights, jewelry, colorful clothes, tarot cards, and giant book cover posters; and, of course, the smells: incense, candles, and essential oils all blending together to produce the unique scent of INATS.