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The Inner Traditions Labyrinth

The Inner Traditions Labyrinth
By Erica Robinson 5 months ago 557 Views No comments

At our reforestation project in Costa Rica (Hacienda Rio Cote), in addition to helping restore the native rain forest, our publisher Ehud Sperling is looking to give back to the spirit of the land. This summer a long-time dream seeded by this vision came true with the construction of the Inner Traditions labyrinth on Lake Arenal.

As Inner Traditions author Vatsala Sperling described at the labyrinth dedication ceremony, "Labyrinths are considered a path to our own sacred center. They are a metaphor for life's journey. When walking the labyrinth, our individual perspectives and directions change with every step. Yet throughout these changes, our aim remains the same - to get to the center and return. There are no wrong turns, dead ends, or puzzles to solve. A labyrinth walk is about surrendering ourselves to our individual path, to our place in the universe around us, and remaining patient as with each step we move closer to our destination."

Here are some beautiful photos from the dedication ceremony:

The inaugural walking of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is dedicated to Don Roberto Camacho for his over 65 years of study, service, and promotion of homeopathy in Costa Rica. Don Roberto is shown here cutting the ribbon with author Vatsala Sperling.

Don Roberto Camacho, to whom the labyrinth is dedicated, walking the labyrinth.

Publisher Ehud Sperling reaches the center of the labyrinth and enjoys a moment of contemplation of further visions.

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