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    Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions

    Soul Healing with Our Animal Companions

    By Tammy Billups

    The animals we attract in our lives reflect us in many ways. Offering a soulful and bioenergetic perspective on decoding our animals’ actions, behaviors, and physical issues, Billups explains how our animal companions share our energetic patterns and emotional wounds, revealing issues in our own lives that may be hidden or suppressed.
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    By Carl Abrahamsson

    Art, magic, and the occult have been intimately linked since the time of our ancestors. Blending magical history and esoteric philosophy, Carl Abrahamsson reveals the integral role played by magic and occultism in the development of culture throughout history, including deep looks at major figures such as Carl Jung and Aleister Crowley.
  3. The Intelligence of the Cosmos

    The Intelligence of the Cosmos

    By Ervin Laszlo

    The new paradigm emerging in science shows how the world is an interconnected, coherent whole, informed by cosmic intelligence. Ervin Laszlo shows how this integrates seamlessly with the wisdom traditions and enables us to evolve consciously and re-discover our purpose, revealing a way forward into a new era of peace and global wellbeing.
  4. The Humming Effect

    The Humming Effect

    By Jonathan Goldman
    By Andi Goldman

    Jonathan and Andi Goldman show how humming affects us on a physical level, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, and lowering heart rate and blood pressure producing powerful neurochemicals such as oxytocin, the “love” hormone. They also examine humming as a sonic yoga technique and its role in many world traditions, such as the Om, Aum, or Hum. The authors provide access to online examples.
  5. Cannabis and Spirituality

    Cannabis and Spirituality

    Edited by Stephen Gray
    Foreword by Julie Holland, M.D.

    In this guide, editor Stephen Gray and 17 other influential voices of the modern cannabis movement reveal the potential of “the people’s plant” to enhance a wide range of spiritual practices. Gray shows how cannabis is an effective ally on the awakening journey, unlocking the receptive energy in us all.
  6. Speaking with Nature

    Speaking with Nature

    By Sandra Ingerman
    By Llyn Roberts

    Sandra Ingerman and Llyn Roberts share transformative teachings from their own conversations with nature spirits, such as Snowy Owl, Snake, Blackberry, Mushroom, and Glacial Silt. These practices can be used in the wilderness, in a city park, or even purely through imagination, allowing anyone to communicate with and seek guidance from nature.
  7. Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

    Aboriginal Secrets of Awakening

    By Robbie Holz

    Robbie Holz describes the powers that her late husband Gary developed after his transformative healing with Aborigines, powers that included telepathy and seeing the inner workings of his patients’ bodies. Robbie herself participated in secret Aboriginal women’s ceremonies where her own healing powers blossomed, including the capability of working with a team of spirit guides.
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    Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

    Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

    By Gary Holz, D.Sc.

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    Suffering from chronic progressive multiple sclerosis and with apparently only two years to live, Gary Holz went to Australia to live with a remote Aboriginal tribe. He embarked on a remarkable healing transformation guided by the 60,000-year-old healing system of the world’s oldest continuous culture.
  9. Rastafarian Children of Solomon

    Rastafarian Children of Solomon

    By Gerald Hausman

    Tracing their lineage back to King Solomon, Rastafarians follow a spiritual tradition based on the Kebra Nagast--the African gospel excised from the King James Bible. This book sets out to reveal the wisdom that underlies the “old ways” of the Rastafarians including their view on the medicinal and meditative powers of cannabis.
  10. Meditations with the Navajo

    Meditations with the Navajo

    By Gerald Hausman

    For the Navajo, who call themselves the Diné (literally, "the People"), the story of emergence--their creation myth--lies at the heart of their beliefs. Gerald Hausman collects this and other stories with meditations that together capture the essence of the Navajo people's way of life and their understanding of the world--a world that thrives only on harmony and balance.

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