Energy Vampires

A Practical Guide for Psychic Self-protection
By (author) Dorothy Harbour
Energy Vampires
A Practical Guide for Psychic Self-protection
By (author) Dorothy Harbour

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Pages : 192

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9780892819102

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : April 01, 2002

Format : Paperback Book

The author offers a guide to self-protection from individuals and situations that take excessive amounts of energy without giving anything in return, leaving us drained and ineffectual. Included is an exercise program that helps strengthen our auras and ground ourselves psychologically, as well as helpful practices that demonstrate how to cleanse our subconscious of "psycho-trash.”

About Energy Vampires

A practical guide for how to protect yourself, your business, and the people you care about from those who prey on and consume the energy of others.

• Outlines the basic laws that govern the interchange of life energy.

• Reveals how to calculate your own energy balance and identify personal danger zones.

• Offers exercise programs to attain a balanced personal energy level and build an "energy immune system".

Our lives are a constant exchange of energy. More often than not we are like molecules, randomly reacting and responding to external energy forces that we are not aware of. One such force is the energy vampire: individuals who take excessive amounts of energy without giving anything in return, leaving us drained and ineffectual.

Dorothy Harbour provides a clear guide to self-protection from individuals and situations that drain our personal energy. From exercises such as "musical aura stimulation" and meditations like "the pillar of light" we learn how to strengthen our auras and ground ourselves psychologically. Numerous case studies--from "love vampire" to "aura protection against sexual harassment"--teach us how to recognize the energy vampires in our midst. Other helpful practices demonstrate how to cleanse our subconscious of "psycho-trash," protect ourselves and family from energy vampires, and even lovingly cure the vampires themselves.


Book Excerpt

 From Chapter 6, Cleansing your Subconscious

 Case Study: The Thief Inside
 Peter D. was a successful thirty-five-year-old middle manager in a large car company. He was married with two children, and his life could have been completely in order if it weren't for the bad luck that seemed to follow Peter everywhere he went. If, for example, he went to a convention and parked his car alongside those of a dozen colleagues in an unguarded parking lot, you could be sure that his car would be the only one that would get broken into--even though some of his colleagues had much more expensive cars. If a gang of burglars was operating in Peter's neighborhood, his home would be broken into--even though he, unlike his neighbors, had installed an expensive alarm system.
 Events such as these happened to Peter at every turn: in restaurants his coat would get stolen or exchanged for a coat of lesser quality. The insurance scammer waiting at an intersection to provoke an accident would hit the gas exactly when Peter was passing by. The dishonest cashier at the supermarket picked Peter out of the line of customers--and charged the expenses of her shopping spree to him. This and more kept happening.
 How do you explain such a string of mishaps and bad luck? Those of us familiar with the cosmic laws of energy exchanges, as well as the attraction and transformation of energies, will know the answer. After listening to Peter's story, I asked him flat out: "Is there something in your past, Peter, that has to do with burglary or thieving, I mean, a dark spot where perhaps you were the burglar or thief?"
 This question was followed by an extended silence. At first, Peter had appeared as though he was about to jump up at the accusation, but he quickly fell back. With an increasingly guilty look, he finally mumbled, "How . . . did you know? It doesn't matter, Dorothy, the fact is, you're right. There was something . . . more than once . . . many years ago . . . . I've never wanted to admit it--not even to myself . . ."
 From looking at Peter's groomed, professional appearance, one would not have suspected what he now admitted: back in his youth and even in his early adulthood, he had often shoplifted in stores and supermarkets. In my view, he still suffered from mild but significant kleptomania. He had never stolen valuable items and had afterward always suffered overwhelming feelings of embarrassment. His acts were entirely unacceptable to him and as inexplicable as the random criminal acts of a stranger. Later on, Peter learned to suppress his self-destructive urge. The worry of returning to his old ways was cause enough for Peter to avoid dealing with these memories, even in fleeting thoughts.
 This avoidance, however, caused the memories of his petty thefts--along with his suppressed kleptomania--to land in his psychological junkyard, where they rusted for years. Peter had never before dared to look at these "horrible acts" calmly, let alone tell his wife or a friend. Thus, this suppressed psychological material became a magnet of bad luck, a knot of negative energy anchored in his subconscious. This knot continued to attract those things, people, and circumstances that reflected its negative polarity--that is, thieves, burglars, and bad situations--which, in turn, facilitated the work of those dishonest people.
 The advice I gave to Peter was thus simple: "Admit your thievery," I told him. "Don't hide what you did back then from yourself. Try to look calmly at the person you were back then, and at the things you did. Do you really think you would do them again today?"
 Again he was silent for awhile.
 "No, I don't think so," he finally answered. "I've actually long known that this urge to steal things from others stemmed from my feelings of inferiority back then. Even as a young man, I was always afraid that I would never find a well-paying job, a beautiful wife, that no one would ever love and respect me, and so on. But since I've proved the opposite to myself and the world at large over the last couple of years--how can I be afraid to fall back into these old patterns?"
 To free his subconscious once and for all from these and other aspects, which he used to suppress but had by now actually overcome, I recommended the following exercise to Peter D. and asked him to carry it out every two to three days for two weeks.
Two years after Peter sought my counsel (and followed my advice) as a spiritual adviser, he called me and told me how his life had changed: the previous year he had received a big promotion. In recognition of his services, he became a senior manager; he was overjoyed that his life was now harmonious and going according to his wishes. And Peter never again has been bothered by burglars or thieves.

Table of Contents

Table of content

1. Calculating your Energy Balance and Individual Danger Zones 
Checklist 1: Personal Well-being and Self-assessment
Checklist 2: Workplace and Job
Checklist 3: Circle of Friends 
Checklist 4: Family and Relationships
Checklist 5:Leisure Time
Evaluating the Checklists 

Part One: The Invisible Guard 
2. Learn to see auras 
Exercise 1:Finger Games 
Exercise 2:Seeing a Partner's Aura
Exercise 3: Musical Aura Stimulation 
Exercise 4:Dress of Rays 
3. Strengthening your aura 
Case Study: Holy People of the Pillars
Exercise 1: The Pillar of Light
Exercise 2:Cleansing your Aura of Daily Energy Waste
Case Study: Stolen Love Energy 
Exercise 3: Strengthen your Aura through Consciousness Training 
4. Emergency measures for immediate psychic defense
Case Study: And Automobile Breakdown 
Case Study: Aura Protection Against Sexual Harassment 
Exercise 1: Spontaneous Visualization of the Pillar of Light 
Exercise 2:Extending your Aura to Protect Others in an Emergency 

Part Two: Securing the Locks
5. Learning to Close and Protect your Chakras 
Case Study: The Vampire at my Side 
Exercise 1: Opening the Chakras 
Exercise 2: Cleansing the Chakras 
Exercise 3: Closing the Chakras 
Exercise 4: Protecting the Chakras 
6. Cleansing the Subconscious of Psychic Garbage 
Exercise 1: Cleansing the Subconscious with the Golden Fleece 
The Dream and Fantasy Diary 
Exercise 2:Focused Cleansing of the Subconscious with the Shower of Light 
7. Create your own spiritual safe area 
Case Study: The Invisible Straw 
Exercise 1: The White Fortress 
Banning Ritual for the Creation and Cleansing of a Spiritual Safe Area 
8. Ally Yourself with your Spiritual Guardian 
The Ritual of Calling your Guardian 

Part Three: Protection Against Energy Vampires in Business and the Workplace
9. Three Basic Energy Rules for Strong Teams 
10. When Team Spirit Suffers from a Lack of Energy 
Case Study: Fending Off the Mob Attack at Work 
A Quick Quiz to Rate your Workplace for Energy Vampires 
Simple Steps to Protect Against a Mob Attack 
11. How to protect your company against energy vampires 
Case Study: The Forgotten Inventor 
Exercise 1: Cleansing your Business with the Golden Fleece 
Exercise 2: Transferring your Persona, Aura Protection 

Part Four: Psychic Protection in Your Personal Life
12. Salespeople, Evangelicals, and Other Social Vampires 
13. Protecting your Family Against Energy Vampires 
Case Study: When your Child is an Energy Vampire
Exercise: Extending your Aura Protection to your Child 
Cleansing and Banning Ritual to Guard your Home Against Energy Vampires 
14. Protection Against Energy Struggles in Love and Marriage 
15. A Long-term Program to Reduce Stress and Energy Deficits in Modern Society 
Seven Recommendations to Protect Against Hyper-personal Energy Vampirism 

Directory of Exercises and Rituals 

Author Bio
A gifted energy medium, Dorothy Harbour has been seeing the auras and energy fields of the people around her since she was a child. In 1985 she left her career in the insurance industry to pursue spiritual counseling full time. Combining her corporate world experiences as an insurance broker with her intuitive skills as an energy healer, Dorothy now has a private practice in psychic self-protection and energy therapy. She lives in Germany.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Readers will find her personal case studies and testimonies from energy vampire victims interesting as well as insightful."

The Shy Librarian, Summer 2003

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