Author Event

Nicholas Pearson

Event : Lemurian Crystal Workshop

When : 12/09/2018 4:00pm - 12/09/2018 6:00pm

Where : Angels Oasis - Cocoa, Florida


 Humanity’s origins may lie in the forgotten lands of the Lemurian archipelago. Discover a world of power crystals and sacred stones that carry connections to the mythical civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis. Participants will:
* Learn about the poetic origins  of these crystals and their applications in healing
* Learn about the different varieties of Lemurian seed crystals
* Meet a variety of crystal formations and minerals that 
* Enjoy a guided meditation with a crystal grid made of Lemurian crystals from around the world.
Guests are encouraged to bring their own crystals or work with those that will be provided in class. Nicholas is available to sign books after class.
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