Inner Child Cards

A Fairy-Tale Tarot
By (author) Isha Lerner
By (author) Mark Lerner
Illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil

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Inner Child Cards
A Fairy-Tale Tarot
By (author) Isha Lerner
By (author) Mark Lerner
Illustrated by Christopher Guilfoil

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Edition : Second Edition

Pages : 336

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9781879181823

Imprint : Bear & Company

On Sale Date : December 01, 2001

Format :

Illustrations : 89 b&w illustrations

Inner Child Cards is a divination system that reawakens the child in all of us by gently helping us to interact with the most potent archetypes of the inner world. Drawing on universal children's fairy tales, myths, and fables such as Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and Robin Hood, these delightful cards open our hearts and minds to new revelations about the journey of self-discovery. Includes paperback book with 78 full-color card.

About Inner Child Cards

A new and updated edition of the popular tarot deck that reawakens the child in all of us.

• Uses the important archetypes of childhood fairy tales to awaken emotional memory and heal the child within.

• Excellent for dream work, the recovery process, and use with children.

Inner Child Cards is a tarot system that helps us interact with the world's most potent archetypes. The authors assign an archetypal childhood story to each image in the traditional tarot deck. Cinderella aligns with the Moon card, traditionally associated with the power of dreams and visions. Sleeping Beauty parallels the Death card with its theme of personal metamorphosis. Little Red Cap stands in for the Fool (the innocent).

Before the Age of Reason higher learning was transmitted through archetypal characters in stories and fairy tales. In modern times these all-important stories have been relegated to a secondary position, with no recognition of their deeper meaning. The whimsical art and familiar characters of the Inner Child Cards will awaken dormant emotional memory that has been trapped in long-forgotten childhood stories. Tarot has always had an uncanny capacity to act as a "hall of mirrors" reflecting the true trajectory of life. By referencing fairy-tale archetypes, Inner Child Cards gives adults an especially clear reflection of the child within and imaginative access to the soul's own personal truth. And because of their playful nature, these cards are equally well suited for use with children. 

Table of Contents

Table of content

Inner Child Cards
A Fairy Tale Tarot

Foreword by Antero Alli
Part I: The Oracle
How to Use This Deck
Using the Deck with Children
The Wishing Well
What's Around the Corner?
The Child
The Rainbow
The Spiral Staircase
Part II: The Major Arcana
Part III: The Minor Arcana
About the Authors
About the Artist

Author Bio
Isha Lerner has a worldwide practice as an astrologer, tarot consultant, and flower-essence practitioner. She is also the author of the Power of Flowers book and deck and the forthcoming Inner Child Cards Workbook. Mark Lerner has extensively researched the correlations between tarot, astrology, fairy tales, psychology, and healing since 1972, and he is the publisher of the astrological magazine Welcome to Planet Earth. They live in Eugene, Oregon.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"I was fascinated by the imaginative transformation of traditional Tarot images to Inner Child archetypes. . . . fun, elegant, and powerful."

Dawn Baumann Brunke, Alaska Wellness, November/December 2001

"It gives an especially clear reflection of the child within and imaginative access to the soul's own personal truth."

Arizona networkingNews, June/July 2002

"Aside from being a lovely deck, it's a great tool for getting your inner child and higher self to connect."

Aquarius, October 2002

"A delightful odyssey. The images and stories of childhood become an enchanting guide for inner reflection."
Wayne Muller, author of Legacy of the Heart: The Spiritual Advantages of a Painful Childhood

"The authors have accomplished nothing less than a symbolic miracle. Inner Child Cards plucks and plays resonant chords of emotional memory and the psychic life trapped away in long-forgotten childhood stories."
Antero Alli, author of Astrologik and Angel Tech

"[The cards] are filled with the images, fairy tales, and stories that bridge the archetypal realm of the child and the future potential of the adult."

Psychological Perspectives

"This remarkable 320 page book & 78 full-color tarot card set is a perfect gift item for someone you love, including yourself! The book . . is a small masterpiece in itself."

Awareness, May 2002

"The art on these cards places this deck in a class by itself compared to other decks.The scenes are simple yet highly evocative and magical. The bright, primary colors are used with a skill rarely seen in Tarot decks. Collectors will want to buy this deck for the artwork alone. The text is well-written and concise."

Lee A. Bursten, www.Artof

"This is a great deck to use when reading for children or those who may otherwise be hesitant to use one of the traditional decks.The Inner Child Cards are wonderful for tarot collectors, as the illustrations are vivid and energetic. I highly encourage all tarot enthusiasts to consider purchasing this deck for variety and added insight."
Dawn Shainheit, CPTR,

"The stories behind each card are at once familiar and enlightening. The stunning illustrations are vivid and fantastical."
The Blessed Bee, Summer 2004, Issue 21

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