Like a Fish in Water

Yoga for Children
By (author) Isabelle Koch
Like a Fish in Water
Yoga for Children
By (author) Isabelle Koch

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Pages : 56

Book Size : 7.63 x 9.5

ISBN-13 : 9780892817733

Imprint : Inner Traditions

On Sale Date : September 01, 1999

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : Full color art throughout

Here is a playful introduction to the practice of yoga that children and parents can do together. With more than 20 postures, colorful step-by-step instructions, and poetic narrative, children will learn the basics of breathing and a variety of relaxation exercises to get them started on a healthy daily practice. For children ages 4-8.

About Like a Fish in Water

• A playful introduction to the practice of yoga for the health and well-being of your child.

• Includes step-by-step instructions for more than 20 postures, as well as information on breathing and relaxation exercises.

• Each posture is demonstrated by a child whose image is magically woven into full-color illustrations.

• An invitation for children, ages three and up, to experience the healthy benefits of yoga.

In this exuberant and colorful book, author and illustrator Isabelle Koch introduces children to hatha yoga, inviting them into a world of good health and vitality through her use of playful analogies and whimsical illustrations. Like a Fish in Water provides step-by-step instructions for more than 20 yoga postures and the basics of breathing, as well as a variety of relaxation exercises. Each posture is demonstrated by a child whose image is magically woven into the brightly colored backgrounds and accompanied by text that clearly and simply guides the child through the movements, using language accessible to everyone.

Daily yoga practice can provide an island of calm in today's hectic world in which children are continuously bombarded with stimuli. Yoga fosters both physical and emotional health, sharpens focus, and improves attention span. Like a Fish in Water offers parents a perfect opportunity to spend time with their children, while engaging in a healthy and enjoyable activity. So whether it is used to get the day off to a positive start or to wind it down toward a peaceful end, Koch's book and the instruction it offers is ideal for parents, teachers, and, most importantly, children.

Table of Contents

Table of content

Like a Fish in Water
Yoga for Children

The Rag Doll
The Palm Tree
The Triangle
The Frog
The Lion 
Yoga Mudra
Maha Mudra
The Autumn Leaf
Shiva Mudra
The Fetus
The Boat 
The Plough
The Fish
The Stretching Cat
The Bow 
The Cobra
The Flying Bird
The Zig-Zag
The Lying Rag Doll
Anuloma Viloma
Breathing and Relaxation Exercises

Author Bio
Isabelle Koch was born in Paris and studied dance at an early age at the Mudra School of Maurice Bejart. She has traveled widely throughout India and Southeast Asia. The mother of a ten-year-old daughter, Koch performs contemporary dance for children. She is a graduate of the French Federation of Hatha Yoga and teaches yoga in Paris.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"I never thought that children could really practice Yoga, but Isabelle Koch has found how to speak to them and how to interest them."
Laurent de Brunhoff, creator of Babar

"This simple yet profound stroll through basic principles of hatha yoga engages children in movement and imagination. This wonderful book begins young readers on a journey where they will contemplate thanks towards life; where they may realize that they are very small when compared to the universe; and where they can experience in a gesture the joining of the masculine and feminine energy in all of us."
Hallie Love, Independent Publisher, November/December 1999

"This wildly colorful, thoughtful, and fun book is a perfect introduction to yoga for children."
Mara McLoughlin, YOGANorthwest Magazine, July-August 2002

"This is an artful and empathetic introduction that is sure to engage the imagination and curiosity of many a child and lead them to the joys of yoga."
Yoga Journal

" . . . a means for a parent or older sibling who has some basic knowledge of yoga to help the younger family members learn about the many benefits and fun of yoga. However, it would work just as well for both a parent or sibling to learn along with a child."
Nora Caterino,, May 2009

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