Mostly Macro

A Guide to Healthy Cuisine for the Discriminating Palate
By (author) Lisa Turner

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Mostly Macro
A Guide to Healthy Cuisine for the Discriminating Palate
By (author) Lisa Turner

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Pages : 232

Book Size : 8 x 10

ISBN-13 : 9780892815340

Imprint : Healing Arts Press

On Sale Date : March 01, 1995

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 19 b&w illustrations

More than thirty years ago George Ohsawa introduced the principles of macrobiotics, a diet based on whole grains, vegetables, and fresh foods. Now, Lisa Turner summarizes these principles and provides practical information on how to use natural ingredients to plan healthy meals. One hundred twenty palate-pleasing dishes use the best macrobiotic principles adapted to our Western lifestyle and taste.

About Mostly Macro

Healthy food doesn't have to be boring! In this cookbook, Lisa Turner adapts macrobiotic principles to the way we cook today, and turns healthy eating into a sensory delight. From Shrimp with Cilantro Walnut Pesto to Berry Peach Tart, you will find a wealth of creative recipes for every course of a "mostly macro" meal. 
Table of Contents

Table of content

Mostly Macro
A Guide to Healthy Cuisine for the Discriminating Palate

Part One The Principles of Macrobiotics
1. How Opposites Attract: The Concept of Yin and Yang
2. Modern Life and the Macrobiotic Mandates
3. More on Macro: Basic Principles and Modern Practices
Part Two The Principles of Macrobiotics
4. Getting Started: Stocking the Kitchen
5. Cooking Techniques and Traditions
Part Three Making Macrobiotics Work for You
6. "Forbidden" Foods: The Traditional Approach
7. Getting Real
8. Eating Out and Entertaining
9. A Month of Macro: Daily Meal Plans
Part Four Recipes
10. Appetizers and Party Dishes
11. Salads
12. Soups and Stews
13. Meatless Main Dishes and Fish
14. Vegetables and Side Dishes
15. Dressings and Sauces
16. Quick Fixes
17. Just Desserts 
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms and Ingredients
Appendix B: Grocery Shopping List
Appendix C: The Macrobiotic Makeup
Appendix D: Mail-Order Guide and Resource List

Author Bio
Lisa Turner has been researching and writing about nutrition, and cooking great meals, for more than 20 years. She has written five books on health and nutrition, and her monthly food columns are featured in several national magazines. Lisa has appeared on national and local television and radio shows, teaches cooking classes at Whole Foods Market and Culinary School of the Rockies, and has lectured on health and nutrition across the country. She is also a co-founder of Boulder Organic Foods company in Boulder, Colorado.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Macrobiotics for the 21st century . . . simple, practical, and delicious! It belongs on the bookshelf of every cook who recognizes the connection between what we eat and how we feel."
Melanie Melia, macrobiotic chef and owner of Rising Tide Natural Foods Market

"Author Lisa Turner sets out to 'take the best of macrobiotic principles and adapt them to a Western lifestyle and sense of taste, with fast, simple, and delicious dishes.' She includes sections on stocking the kitchen, cutting and cooking techniques, eating out and entertaining, and a month of meal plans. Her appealing recipes don't leave out breakfasts or desserts."
Meredith McCarty, American Macrobiotic Cuisine

"Mostly Macro blends nutritional information with mouth-watering recipes. It not only demonstrates the there's more to macrobiotics than brown rice, it's also a wonderful collection of vegetarian recipes. Make your meals "mostly macro" for a healthy approach to delicious food."
Vegetarian Gourmet

"A macrobiotic diet can be a powerful prescription for health and Lisa Turner's new book makes it simple. This is a practical guide that anyone can follow and benefit from."
Neal D. Barnard, M.D., founder/president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and one of the founders of the New Four Foods Group 

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