New Bach Flower Body Maps

Treatment by Topical Application
By (author) Dietmar Krämer

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New Bach Flower Body Maps
Treatment by Topical Application
By (author) Dietmar Krämer

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Pages : 296

Book Size : 6 x 9

ISBN-13 : 9780892815319

Imprint : Healing Arts Press

On Sale Date : May 01, 1996

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 237 b&w illustrations

One of Germany's most innovative Bach flower practitioners presents his healing system, which correlates zones of the body with appropriate remedies. Profusely illustrated. Includes many case studies.

About New Bach Flower Body Maps

Dietmar Kramer, one of Germany's most innovative practitioners of Bach Flower Therapy, has developed powerful new therapeutic applications that remain true to Edward Bach's wish for simplicity and ease of use. New Bach Flower Body Maps details Kramer's unique system of diagnosis, in which 242 areas of the body are correlated with each Bach Flower Remedy, and are mapped out in diagrams indicating the relationship between remedy and body zone. By reading the body maps, one can treat both physical symptoms and their emotional causes more directly. Physical ailments are relieved when the flower essences are applied to the skin, and underlying emotional problems improve more rapidly after topical treatment than after taking the drops orally. Preventive treatments are also possible using the body maps. 

The author demonstrates that the effectiveness of the flower remedies is greatly increased when they are applied in the form of compresses or ointments. 

Kramer's procedures are illustrated by many case studies which confirm the effectiveness of this significant new extension of Bach Flower Therapy. 

Bach Flower Remedies are also used in beauty therapy. Many practical examples illustrate the use of Bach Flowers in skin care. 

Table of Contents

Table of content

New Bach Flower Body Maps
Treatment by Topical Application

Foreword by Dina Rees

1 Foundations
2 Finding the Skin Zones
3 The Practice of Bach Flower Skin Zone Therapy
4 Other Applications
5 Case Histories
6 Further Therapeutic Possibilities
7 Topographic Atlas of the Skin Zones
I Topographical Summary of the Bach
Flower Body Maps
II The Aura
Resources for Bach Flower Remedies
Further Reading

Author Bio
Dietmar Kramer, a licensed naturopath in his native Germany, has been active as a practitioner and teacher of holistic health care since 1983. He is also the author of New Bach Flower Therapies.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Kramer's research is groundbreaking. Once healers have determined where the body is ailing, they can consult the body maps and know promptly which Flower remedy will be most effective. He includes numerous case studies documenting his approach to treatment. New Bach Flower Body Maps is an essential reference for anyone using Bach Flower remedies."
James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review

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