Pendulum Power

A Mystery You Can See, A Power You Can Feel
By (author) Greg Nielsen
By (author) Joseph Polansky

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Pendulum Power
A Mystery You Can See, A Power You Can Feel
By (author) Greg Nielsen
By (author) Joseph Polansky

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Pages : 128

Book Size : 5 x 7.75

ISBN-13 : 9780892811571

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : March 01, 1987

Format : Paperback Book

Learn how the power of the pendulum can help you discover treasure, locate the lost, divine the new, and advise in relationships.


About Pendulum Power

The power of the pendulum has been valued since ancient times for its ability to discover treasure, advise in love, locate the lost, and divine the new. Pendulum Power teaches how to make and use pendulums for finding success in career and relationships, for healing, for development of intuition and increased mind power, as well as a host of other applications.

A modern popular classic, Pendulum Power was featured on the nationally syndicated television show "In Search Of." 

Table of Contents

Table of content

Pendulum Power
A Mystery You Can See, a Power You Can Feel

1. What is the Pendulum?
2. Jacob's Rod: The Mysterious Origins
3. Why the Pendulum Works
4. Making your own Pendulum
5. How to use the Pendulum
6. Romantic Radiesthesia
7. True Stories of Pendulum Power
8. The Pendulum, Your Work and Your Career
9. The Pendulum: Door to the Infinite
10. Exploring the Hidden Powers of Your Mind
11. The Pendulum and Dynamic Self-Healing
12. Become the Master of Your Own House
13. Superpendulum
14. The Pendulum by Day and by Night
15. Visions of the Future

Author Bio
Co-author of the best-selling Pyramid Power, Greg Nielsen practices and teaches astrology in Reno, Nevada, and operated the professional writing service Wordsmith Worldwide. 


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Anyone trying to determine the best decision or course of action, based on their personal needs, will find the techniques provided in Pendulum Power useful and enlightening."

The Midwest Book Review

"The authors start off with a brief history of dowsing, some theories about pendulum action, and instructions in the use of the pendulum. Much of the book is given over to detailed accounts of uses of the pendulum in a way that will encourage the novice to practice and become proficient. Emphasis is placed on self-development through pendulum power."

The American Dowser Quarterly Digest

" . . . very uplifting and positive view on how using the pendulum benefits you and your outlook on life."
Lucia, The Pagan Review

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