Pyramid Prophecies

By (author) Max Toth

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Pyramid Prophecies
By (author) Max Toth

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Pages : 392

Book Size : 5 x 7.75

ISBN-13 : 9780892812035

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : March 01, 1988

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 75 b&w illustrations

The author of Pyramid Power reveals prophetic evidence concealed for centuries within the Great Pyramid of Giza and compares it with the prophecies of Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus.

About Pyramid Prophecies

A journey through time as the pyramids of the ancient world reveal their secrets. Max Toth draws on his considerable knowledge, research, and insight as he explores prophetic messages that have been concealed for centuries within the Great Pyramid at Giza.

Described by some observers as a "Bible in stone," the Great Pyramid seems to contain in cryptic codes a panorama of dates and events that correspond to significant or cataclysmic events in the history of humankind.  Comparing these prophecies with those on Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, Toth shows how information coded in the pyramids may have predicted the World Wars and foretold Christ's messianic mission twenty-two centuries before his birth.

Details of pyramid construction are examined in light of their purpose and meaning on many levels, from initiatory temples to repositories of hidden knowledge.  Pyramid Prophecies details the striking similarities among pyramids built by different cultures around the world, providing a link between widely separated civilizations.  Toth also includes an extraordinary first-person account by Dr. Ray Brown of his discovery of the pyramid crystal in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.
Table of Contents

Table of content


1 Introduction

2 Pyramid Influence--It's All Around Us

3 Different Times, Different Places

4 Stars & Stones

5 Yesterday and Today in the Land of the Nile

6 Of Pharaohs, Gods, and Farmers

7 Millions of Tons, Billions of Inches

8 Chambers and Passageways to the Future

9 Whispers From the Past--The Key To Tomorrow

10 The Mysterious Crystal--A Message From Atlantis?

11 Pyramythology

12 Conclusion



Author Bio
Max Toth was one of the world's foremost researchers on pyramids and their energies.  His #1 bestseller, Pyramid Power, co-authored with Greg Nielsen, has sold over a million copies in 10 languages.


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