Qigong for Women

Low-Impact Exercises for Enhancing Energy and Toning the Body
By (author) Dominique Ferraro
Qigong for Women
Low-Impact Exercises for Enhancing Energy and Toning the Body
By (author) Dominique Ferraro

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Pages : 168

Book Size : 8 x 10

ISBN-13 : 9780892818389

Imprint : Healing Arts Press

On Sale Date : January 01, 2000

Format : Paperback Book

Illustrations : 268 b&w photographs

A qigong teacher provides comprehensive instructions for dozens of exercises specifically designed for women's health. Includes sections on sexuality, osteoporosis, pregnancy, weight control, and physical and emotional stress.

About Qigong for Women

• Low-impact, time-efficient exercises that relieve stress, restore physical health, and rebalance the mind.

• Provides step-by-step instructions, with accompanying photos, for dozens of exercises specifically designed for women.

• 300 black-and-white photographs.

• Addresses concerns specific to women's health, including special sections on female sexuality, osteoporosis, stress, and pregnancy.

• Techniques developed and perfected over the course of 2,000 years by Taoist and Buddhist monks and doctors.

In today's high-powered world, women frequently find themselves pulled in many different directions. As they try to balance the demands of careers and family life, they are too often left with a feeling of imbalance, a feeling that can manifest in both physical and emotional stress. To reclaim their equilibrium and find relief, more and more women are turning to qigong, a low-impact, time-efficient daily practice of gentle exercises based on the ancient concept of acupuncture meridians. Developed and enriched over two thousand years by Taoist and Buddhist doctors and monks, chi kung offers techniques for improving breath control and mental concentration, releasing stress through self-administered massage and acupressure, and reaching and maintaining desired weight.

In Qigong for Women, Dominique Ferraro gives step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photos, for dozens of exercises that address the specific concerns of women. Along with chapters on stress relief, aging, and physical toning, Ferraro includes information on female sexuality, osteoporosis, menstrual difficulties, and problems related to pregnancy. Through regular practice of chi kung, women can improve blood circulation, reinforce the immune system, and reestablish emotional equilibrium. Middle-aged and older women will enjoy the added benefits of recovering elasticity, whether in their joints or in their psyches. Valuable for all ages, Qigong for Women provides a system, both preventive and curative, to maintain the sense of well-being that we all deserve.

Table of Contents

Table of content

Qigong for Women
Low-Impact Exercises for Enhancing Energy and Toning the Body

List of Tables and Figures
1. Exuberant Vitality
2. Beautiful and Slim
3. The Three Enemies: Stress, Anxiety, and Emotionalism
4. How to Stay in Great Shape
5. Qigong and Sexuality
6. Common Physical Problems of Women
The Fourteen Meridians

Author Bio
Dominique Ferraro lives in Milan, Italy, where she teaches qigong.


Book Praise

Book Praise

"Qigong for Women is essential reading for both novice and experienced female practitioners of Qigong and will prove of immense interest and value to students of alternative health and medicine practices."

The Bookwatch, February 2000

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