Secret Places of the Lion

Alien Influences on Earth's Destiny
Secret Places of the Lion
Alien Influences on Earth's Destiny

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Pages : 240

Book Size : 5.38 x 8.25

ISBN-13 : 9780892816019

Imprint : Destiny Books

On Sale Date : April 01, 1996

Format : Paperback Book

This book shows how rises and plateaus in our cultural history are the result of "radiant beings from heaven" who have incarnated as pivotal figures in history to declare wisdom and truth when humanity has been ready to receive it.

About Secret Places of the Lion

Early traditions speak of the arrival of "radiant beings from heaven," self-sacrificing guardians of the human race who have reincarnated as pivotal figures in the panorama of human history to assist in the work of evolution. Secret Places of the Lion shows how these "great ones" have helped mankind for thousands of years, hiding their secrets in tombs, caverns, temple ruins, and catacombs. Posing as wanderers, they would declare universal wisdom and truth at certain periods of history when people were prepared to receive it; then they would withdraw for a time to see what was done with the new-found knowledge. Thus, the rises and plateaus of our cultural history emerged.

Classic in the UFO field.

Many years after his death, the author still has a devoted following.
Table of Contents

Table of content


Author Bio
George Hunt Williamson, UFO contactee and author, is the pen name of Dr. Michel D.M. d'Obrenovic (1926-1986), a prominent Christian scholar, Eastern Orthodox bishop, and Grand Prior of the Knights of Malta. Anthropologist, archaeologist, explorer, and lecturer, he was a recognized authority on Mayan culture and history, and author of Secret of the Andes.


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